Can a judge force you to sell your house in a divorce?

Can a judge force you to sell your house in a divorce?

Simply put, yes. In some situations, a judge can force you or your spouse to sell the home in a divorce. However, they will have to consider a number of circumstances before making this call.

Can a divorce decree force a husband to pay?

The divorce decree cannot alter the original agreement between the spouses and the creditor. If the debt was community debt, each spouse will continue to be responsible to the creditor for payment. Although the wife cannot use the divorce decree to force the husband to pay the creditor, it is not without value.

Can a wife be held responsible for a credit card debt?

Even if a husband signed up for a separate credit card and ran up debt, the wife can still be held responsible because the husband is presumed to have signed on behalf of the community estate. Some divorce decrees will divide debt and assign responsibility to one spouse or the other.

What do judges want you to do in a divorce?

Judges want the parties to negotiate and settle the issues between themselves. Judges don’t want to decide how you live your life for you. But, you have to be reasonable.

Can a judge force a spouse to provide financial information?

Judges who preside over divorce cases know that spouses can’t reach fair and informed divorce settlement agreements unless they have all the facts about their marital estates. Family law courts have multiple tools they can use to force spouses to turn over financial information.

When does your spouse won’t provide financial information?

If the court agrees that the financial information should be turned over, the judge will order your spouse to produce the documents within a certain time.

Can a judge make a decision in a divorce case?

Once a divorce petition has been filed, the judge has the power to make decisions about things like which spouse should live in the home while the divorce is pending, and whether or not one spouse must give financial support to the other during the divorce case.

Do you have the right to force your spouse out?

However, many spouses do not want to leave the home, or cannot afford to get a new place to live during the divorce. If your spouse refuses to leave your home, do you have the right to force them out?