Can a large company be a B Corp?

Can a large company be a B Corp?

Large companies are increasingly joining the B Corp movement – both as Certified B Corporations and through other opportunities to “be like a B Corp.” Learn more about the various pathways for engagement for large and public companies, then contact B Lab to discuss the right opportunities for your company.

Which is an example of a B Corporation?

Certifying as a B Corporation represents the most substantial opportunity for both internal and external engagement in the B Corp movement. Examples of large companies that have achieved B Corp Certification include Laureate, KeHE, and Natura. As a large company, your path to Certification will vary based on your size and complexity.

Who are the members of the B Corp project team?

Intrepid Group’s B Corp Project team, an internal group with members from across the organization, is charged with shepherding the company through the certification process. The B Analytics platform has given the team visibility over each subsidiary’s progress toward completing the BIA and its preliminary scores.

Which is the largest certified B Corporation in the world?

Laureate Education is the largest global network of degree-granting higher education institutions, with more than a million students enrolled on more than 200 campuses at 88 institutions in 28 countries. Laureate adopted the benefit corporation legal structure and in 2015 became certified as a B Corporation.

Can a subcontractor be an employee of the contracting company?

A subcontractor is not considered an employee of the contracting company or the independent contractor, and is responsible for paying their own taxes. They also do not accrue benefits or receive insurance coverage from the contracting party or independent contractor. Is Workers’ Comp for Subcontractors and Independent Contractors Necessary?

Can a small business treat an independent contractor as an employee?

This guidance comes from the SBA’s major new rule on the limitations on subcontracting, in which the SBA responded to public questions about how independent contractors are to be treated. I’m often asked whether a small business can treat its 1099 independent contractors as “employees” for purposes of meeting the limitations on subcontracting.

When are subcontractors considered employees by SFM mutual?

If a policyholder answers yes to any of these questions, this could indicate that the subcontractor will be considered an employee. For a more in-depth look, refer to the “Hiring subcontractors” CompTalk, available for order or download in the resource catalog on

What makes a B Corp a B Corporation?

Vote B Corp. You cast your vote every day with the choices you make—what you buy, where you work and who you do business with. You have the power to make your voice heard beyond the ballot box. Every day is election day.