How do you make friends in grad school?

How do you make friends in grad school?

If you decide to apply to grad school, you’re kind of given a Get Out of Isolation and Friendless Despair card. In graduate school, you’ll meet all kinds of people who share the same interests as you. You might even end up working in the same universities, labs, or firms.

How can my parents help me with college planning?

Many students are fortunate enough to receive help from their parents during the college planning process. Your parents can keep you accountable to your academic and extracurricular obligations and help you start a college savings account. Just as importantly, your parents can provide you with valuable encouragement and advice.

Where do your college friends go after college?

Your college friends retreat back to their hometowns in the Midwest. Everyone you know will soon be gone, and it’s up to you to reestablish a group of friends. So, where to find new friends?

When is it too early to start college planning?

When students see challenging courses as opportunities rather than requirements, they become more engaged in school. Even young children can articulate career and professional aspirations. However, not all students see the path from middle school choices to career success.

Where can I get on demand father engagement training?

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Where is the older of my sons going to college?

The older of her two sons will be a freshman at a private liberal arts college in Texas. She first shared this essay on CNN iReport. Already the days are getting shorter, nature’s signal that everything must come to an end and begin again.

What should I do when my son leaves for college?

Take flying lessons. Start that business. Ask out the girl in class, even if you’re afraid of rejection. 3. Same-sex marriage, abortion, health care and religion: Don’t vote into law or argue with others about choices that are not yours to make.

How to celebrate father’s day with a graduation party?

Celebrate the dads AND grads in your life by combining a Father’s Day celebration with a graduation party. This can be a good option when there is more than one Dad (multi-generations and/or blended families.)