How much did you pay for flooring installation?

How much did you pay for flooring installation?

Flooring Installation Cost Per Square Foot The total cost to install flooring is between $3 and $22 per square foot depending on the material. You can expect to pay between $1,491 and $4,541 with an average price of about $2,978 to cover a 500 square foot space.

Can a handyman install flooring?

Vinyl Flooring Installation & Repair Planks, sheets or tiles – no matter the type of vinyl flooring, you can count on Mr. Handyman for professional vinyl flooring installation and repair. Our home improvement professionals can install vinyl flooring in any room in your home.

How often should you replace your flooring?

Flooring. You can expect your wood flooring to last about 100 years, or even more with proper upkeep. Vinyl flooring will last about 50 years, while you’ll get about 10 years out of your carpet. When it comes to tile flooring, life expectancy depends on the type of tile, maintenance and amount of foot traffic.

How much did it cost to get hardwood flooring installed?

At the end of the day, our hardwood flooring cost us around $6,900 including installation, the wooden flooring itself, a felt underlayment, transition pieces, and moving our refrigerator and stove back into place once the floors were done. Considering an estimate chocked full of hidden fees from a competitor ran over $12,000, I’ll take it.

How much money did I save on new flooring?

That includes the purchase of approximately 920 square feet of new flooring, plus the cost of labor and other flooring materials. To save money, we did the demo ourselves. It really pissed my dog off, but we did save around $2,500 for our efforts.

What are the hidden fees for new floors?

There are also various types of installation to consider, including nailing floors down, gluing them to the sub floor, or floating the floor with interconnecting planks. Then there are fees that have nothing to do with the actual flooring, including delivery, moving furniture, and preparing the sub floor.

How much does it cost to install click locking floors?

Fact 1: The cost for installation varies from store to store, with nail-down installation going for anywhere from $2 per square foot to $3.50 per square foot. Installation for click-locking floors in my area ran around $2 per square foot, as did glue-down installation.