What are rolling contracts and what do they mean?

What are rolling contracts and what do they mean?

From supply and maintenance agreements to mobile phone contracts, so called “rolling contracts” are common place in commercial and consumer agreements. Although they can take many forms, rolling contracts usually provide that the contract shall continue or “roll over” after the end of the initial term of the contact, often on the same terms.

Is it legal to have a rolling contract with a gym?

I can spell, my iPad can’t. Even in the much more protected area of B2C contract, rolling contracts are perfectly legal. Look at 90% of gyms and you’ll find they do rolling contracts with a minimum 12 month term.

Is it enforceable to sign a B2B rolling contract?

If that is what the contract (which you agreed to at the start) then it’s enforceable. First thing is to check the original contract to see what you signed up for. As above, it’s a b2b contract, so it will be down to what’s in the contract, not trading regulations.

When to ask if wholesaling is legal in your state?

The problem usually arises when a new wholesaler approaches an attorney, real estate broker, realtor, investor, or anyone who feels they are an “expert” in the real estate or legal field and asks them if real estate wholesaling is legal.

Where is the Office of procurement and contracts in Kansas?

The Kansas Department of Administration, Office of Procurement and Contracts offices located in the Landon State Office Building at 900 SW Jackson, Suite 451, Topeka, KS 66612 are closed to the public. The Office of Procurement and Contracts will not be accepting hand delivered bids and public bid openings will be conducted via a conference call.

When to contact the Kansas Department of revenue?

The Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) follows the IRS in automatically extending income tax deadlines for 180 days after deactivation for filing returns, paying taxes, filing claims for refunds, and taking other actions with the department if any of the following situations apply:

Is the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System taxable?

The amount you received as retirement benefits from the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System is not taxable on your Kansas return. The retirement benefits must be included in your federal adjusted gross income before it can be subtracted on your Kansas return.

Do you have to file a Kansas tax return as a nonresident?

As a nonresident, you must file a Kansas income tax return if you have any income from Kansas sources. It is to your benefit to examine both the resident and nonresident filing options in determining your tax liability. What if I am a Kansas resident with income from another state?