What is the abbreviation for fire department?

What is the abbreviation for fire department?


How do you describe a firefighter?

Here are some adjectives for fireman: enthusiastic first-class, still young and single, young, bull-like, glum and gruff, equally zealous and active, active and impetuous, cool and fearless, stiff and clumsy, little fat, merry irish, big, grown-up, same stalwart, helpful old, somber young, equally zealous, last …

How can I write more?

12 Ways to Write MoreWrite first thing in the morning. Break up your writing into half-hour tasks. Figure out the things you can do without a computer. Find someone who will keep you accountable. Set a timer. Write or Die. Outsource or delegate non-writing tasks. Don’t multi-task.

How do you improve verbal and written communication?

7 Tips to Improve Verbal Communication SkillsThink before you speak. Be clear and concise. Speak with confidence. Vary your vocal tone. Be a good listener. Be aware of your non-verbal communication cues. Think about the perspective of your audience. Call Recording Services to Help Improve your Employees’ Verbal Communication Skills.