What to know about motion to reduce bail?

What to know about motion to reduce bail?

5.That this motion for reduction of bail is being filed without prejudice to any other remedy which may be available to the accused and that the accused expressly reserves the right to question the legality of the issuance of the search warrant or his warrantless arrest if the circumstances would so warrant.

When to use a family multipurpose post judgment motion?

(Family Multipurpose Post- Judgment Motions) Who Should Use This Packet? You can use this packet if you have an order from the court that you wish to change or enforce in your divorce, your civil union or your domestic partnership. The word motion

When to file a motion for Bill of particulars?

Motion for bill of particulars , which if approved by a judge, will require the prosecutor to detail all charges, as well as the reason for filing these charges Motion to reduce charges , which requests a judge reduce charges to accurately charge a defendant for an alleged criminal incident

What are the rules for filing a motion?

Rule 9.300(a) states that “[u]nless otherwise prescribed by these rules, an application for an order or other relief available under these rules shall be made by filing a motion therefor.”4 This broad statement author- izes the use of motions in a variety of situations.

How does Court of Appeals affect marital home?

The order was silent as to how the parties should proceed if the home were placed on the market but did not sell. With this order giving Wife no incentive to sell the home or pay Husband in a timely manner, the home, not surprisingly, didn’t sell.

Can a post judgment motion affect the sale of marital home?

The Brown decision provides the family court bench and bar guidance that post judgment motions authorize remedies to affect the marketing and sale of marital real estate when one party’s actions are delaying the sale. I always reserve jurisdiction over that issue for that reason.

Can a family court order the sale of marital property?

In equitably apportioning marital property, “the family court may order the public or private sale of all or any portion of the marital property upon terms it determines.” (emphasis added). Furthermore, the family court is authorized to construe and enforce contracts relating to property involved in a divorce action.

What are the rules for family court motions?

Family court motions are governed by Court Rule 5:5-4; your motion must follow the requirements of this rule. **Unless otherwise noted, this packet is for use in cases with an “FM” docket number. Some types of motions you can use this packet for are: • A motion to increase or decrease child support payments.