When to file notice of intent to relocate in Indiana?

When to file notice of intent to relocate in Indiana?

Notice of Intent to Relocate. Indiana Code § 31-17-2.2-1 and § 31-17-2.2-3 require the custodial parent to file a Notice of Intent to Relocate with the court 90 days prior to moving. Once the notice is filed, the non-custodial parent has 60 days to file an Objection to Relocation with the court.

How is relocation of custodial parent in Indiana?

The judge considers relocation issues pursuant to Indiana Code § 31-17-2.2-5. The relocating parent must first show that the proposed relocation is being made in good faith and for a legitimate reason. Depending on the judge on your case, this threshold burden of proof can sometimes be a rather low bar for the custodial parent to surpass.

How can I help my spouse move to a new city?

They might also be able to help your spouse with job placement or employment leads in your new city, Stimpson adds. If your employer doesn’t typically offer relocation assistance, ask for it.

When is it a reasonable request to move?

It may also be difficult to ascertain when a move for yourself would be a reasonable request. Child custody laws vary by state, and the kind of legal and physical custody you have will determine the level of involvement of the court.

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Do you have to go to court for relocation?

Work out how he would have time with your son. If you can get him to agree, it won’t be a problem. If not, you will have to go to court and will need to show the relocation is in your son’s best interest.

How is child custody determined in a relocation?

Custody is determined based on what is best for the children. What you need to understand is that the parents’ lives certainly impact the children’s well-being. That is why relocation is often approved when it means the custodial parent will have a higher standard of living or a more stable situation.

Is there a relocation clause in a divorce decree?

Learn about having a relocation clause added to your divorce decree, how to proceed when you don’t have on, and what the court takes into consideration when granting a parent to move away. What factors does the court consider for allowing relocation?