How far did Elvie Shane go on American Idol?

How far did Elvie Shane go on American Idol?

Yep! He got one. Elvie made it to the Group Round during Hollywood Week, but was eliminated after his performance of Alex Clare’s “Too Close.”

Is My Boy by Elvie Shane a true story?

Shane described, he wrote ‘My Boy’ back in 2016: “It’s inspired by a Facebook post a friend of mine’s mom had sent me that said ‘I don’t have a step-son, I have a son that was born before I met him’.

How was Elvie Shane discovered?

A Kentucky native — he was born in Caneyville — Elvie Shane learned to love music by singing in church and listening to his father play country and classic rock at home. Developing a blend of classic rock, R&B, and country, he first gained attention with an appearance on American Idol in 2016.

What season was Elvie Shane on American Idol?

season 15
If you have a great memory, you might recall Elvie Shane from season 15 of American Idol back in 2016. But if you’re listening to country radio these days, you no doubt know him from his breakthrough top-25 hit, “My Boy.”

Does Elvie Shane have a CD?

County Roads2021, EP
Elvie Shane/Albums

How did Elvie Shane get famous?

Shane initially captured attention with a viral social media moment with “My Boy,” that has since become his signature smash and is currently Top 5 and climbing at Country radio.

Did Elvie Shane adopt a child?

Elvie Shane is officially a girl dad! The “My Boy” singer and his wife Mandi welcomed their first baby together, daughter Zaelyn Journey Payton, at 2:21 p.m. on Tuesday, July 20, in Somerset, Kentucky, they announce exclusively with PEOPLE.

What is the story behind My Boy Elvie Shane?

Elvie Shane’s debut single “My Boy” made waves in Country music by finding a spot in the Top 30, and is a heartfelt song inspired by his own story of being a step-father to his wife Mandi’s 14-year old son. Since the release of the song, Shane and his wife have announced that they are expecting a baby girl!

How do I contact Elvie Shane?

Elvie Shane Management If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: [email protected]

Who wrote the song My Boy by Elvie Shane?

Elvie Shane
My Boy/Artists

How old is Elvie?

Elvie Shane is adding another member to the family! The country music newcomer, 32, and his wife Mandi are currently expecting a baby girl, they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

Where does Elvie Shane live now?

Caneyville, Kentucky, U.S. Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.