How long do you lose your license for a DWI in Minnesota?

How long do you lose your license for a DWI in Minnesota?

For a first DWI, an offender’s driver’s license is revoked for up to 90 days. If the DWI involved chemical test refusal or a BAC of . 16% or more, the revocation period is increased to one year.

Is a DWI a felony in Minnesota?

Under Minnesota’s felony DWI law, a person who commits first-degree DWI is guilty of a felony and may be sentenced to: imprisonment for not more than seven years (or more than seven years if the person has other prior criminal history); a fine of not more than $14,000; or both.

When to revoke a DWI license in MN?

169A.54 DWI CONVICTIONS, ADJUDICATIONS; ADMINISTRATIVE PENALTIES. Subdivision 1. Revocation periods for DWI convictions. Except as provided in subdivision 7, the commissioner shall revoke the driver’s license of a person convicted of violating section 169A.20 (driving while impaired) or an ordinance in conformity with it, as follows:

What’s the penalty for third degree DWI in MN?

The mandatory minimum sentence for a Third Degree DWI in Minnesota is 30 days, a $900 fine, and three to six years on probation. The maximum penalties are more severe, including a fine of $3,000 and revocation of a driver’s license for 180 days.

Where can I take a DWI test in MN?

At the Station, you will have to complete the following steps: This test covers Chapters 7 and 8 of the MN Driver’s Manual. The test can be taken at any of the locations listed above (along with several other locations around the state). Payment can be made at any of the locations noted above.

Can a 2nd degree DWI be a felony in MN?

If aggravating factors are present, a Minnesota DWI may be classified as a gross misdemeanor or a felony, including a 2nd Degree DWI in MN. Every call will be connected to a criminal defense attorney. Call us today at (651) 829-3572 or click below to schedule a consultation.

How long can a driving license be revoked in MN?

The length of the MN driving license suspension or revocation will once again depend on the committed traffic violations and the corresponding penalties. Drivers will receive a Minnesota revoked driving license for up to one year due to a no-insurance offense.

What happens if you get DWI in MN?

In Minnesota, a person will be charged with Fourth Degree DWI if they have no prior misdemeanors on their record within 10 years prior to the current charge. If a driver is convicted, their license will be revoked for 90 days.

How much does it cost to get your license back in MN?

To finish a Minnesota driving license restoration, applicants must pay the mandatory prices set by the state DPS. The total amount of the MN drivers license reinstatement fees will generally depend on the type of misdemeanor committed.

How to reinstate your suspended Minnesota drivers license?

How to Reinstate a Minnesota Suspended Drivers License. Take a knowledge test. Arrange payment for the reinstatement fees and any additional fines. Apply for a new Minnesota credential at a local DPS branch. Submit proof of liability coverage.