How long does it take to reinstate a business in GA?

How long does it take to reinstate a business in GA?

If the reinstatement process is not expedited the application will be mailed to you with in the allotted time. Once you receive application and it has been submitted with the required $250 fee , the processing time should be within 7 to 10 business days.

How much does it cost to reinstate a corporation in Georgia?

There is a $250 flat fee to reinstate a Georgia corporation. You can have the reinstatement expedited for an additional $100 fee.

How do you remove an officer from a corporation?

Corporate bylaws typically outline the procedure for removing an officer. This may involve calling a board of directors meeting and then holding a vote for removal.

What happens when an officer of a corporation resigns?

The officer may choose to resign at any time. If he does so, the resignation takes effect immediately upon delivery to the corporation. The remaining directors then have the opportunity to appoint a new director to fill the vacancy, or amend the corporate documents to reduce the size of the board.

Can a corporate officer be fired at any time?

In fact, in small corporations, the same person may hold every office. An officer can be terminated by the board of directors at any time, though whether it must be done for cause and the number of votes needed for removal vary depending on company bylaws.

Who is the corporate officer of a business?

The corporate officer is an individual who is responsible for a business’s day-to-day operations.

How much does it cost to change corporate name in Georgia?

If changes to your entity need to be made after the annual registration has been filed, such as principal office address, officer (corporations only), registered agent name and address within the 2 years, an amended annual registration must be filed. The fee to file an amended annual registration is $20.00.

Where is the Georgia Secretary of State Office?

Office of the Georgia Secretary of State Attn: 2 MLK, Jr. Dr. Suite 313, Floyd West Tower Atlanta, GA 30334-1530, Phone: (404) 656-2817 Toll-free: (844) 753-7825, WEBSITE: © 2015 PCC Technology Group. All Rights Reserved.

How to form a limited liability company in Georgia?

Corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships in Georgia are formed by filing with the Corporations Division. Some foreign (out-of-state) entities which do business in Georgia also must file with the Corporations Division.