How many days can you work with one person?

How many days can you work with one person?

Thus working together both can finish 1/h (1/r + 1/s = 1/h) work in 1 day & this complete the task in ’h’ hours. The same can also be interpreted in another manner i.e. If one person does a piece of work in x days and another person does it in y days. Then together they can finish that work in xy/ (x+y) days

How much work does Hrithik and Dhoni do in one day?

Let us say that in 1 day Hrithik will do 1/20 th of the work and 1 day Dhoni will do 1/30 th of the work. Now if they are working together they will be doing 1/20 + 1/30 = 5/60 = 1/12 th of the work in 1 day.

Which is the correct formula for time and work?

As discussed earlier in time work questions, time and work tricks like the unit approach can also be applied. In this case, as the numbers used are 60 & 40, let the work be equal to 120 units. That implies A does 120/60 = 2 units a day, whereas B alone does 120/40 = 3 units a day. That means working alone B would have done 3 × 10 = 30 units.

How to calculate work and time in 24 days?

Using work and time formula in 24 days working alone A & B would have done 24/48 = 1/2 and 24/72 = 1/3 of the work. That means they together did 1/2 + 1/3 = 5/6th of the work. Remaining 1/6th of the work must be done by C, the only person present.

What’s the difference in minutes between two times?

The difference in the hours unit between two times. This value cannot exceed 24 (4). The difference in the minutes unit between two times. This value cannot exceed 60 (55). The difference in the seconds unit between two times. This value cannot exceed 60 (0).

Where did Yamaguchi find his coworkers after the blast?

Yamaguchi wandered in a daze toward what remained of the Mitsubishi shipyard. There, he found his coworkers Akira Iwanaga and Kuniyoshi Sato, both of whom had survived the blast.

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