How to manage staff redundancies step by step?

How to manage staff redundancies step by step?

Managing staff redundancies: step by step 1 Check if redundancies are necessary 2 Follow the right process 3 Tell employees 4 Hold redundancy consultations 5 Select employees for redundancy 6 Work out redundancy pay 7 Give redundancy notice 8 Offer an appeals process 9 Offer alternative employment 10 Support your staff and plan for the future

What does it mean to have a genuine redundancy?

What’s a genuine redundancy? A genuine redundancy is when: the person’s job doesn’t need to be done by anyone ; the employer followed any consultation requirements in the award, enterprise agreement or other registered agreement. When an employee’s dismissal is a genuine redundancy the employee isn’t able to make an unfair dismissal claim.

Why did my employer not consult with me about redundancy?

has not followed relevant requirements to consult with the employees about the redundancy under an award or registered agreement or could have reasonably, in the circumstances, given the employee another job within the employer’s business or an associated entity.

How many employees are eligible for voluntary redundancy?

Generally, for an employee to be eligible for redundancy payment, they must have been working with the business for at least one year and the business needs to have fifteen or more employees at the time, including the employees whose roles are being made redundant.

When does an employer need to do a redundancy?

Redundancy Redundancy happens when an employer either: doesn’t need an employee’s job to be done by anyone, or becomes insolvent or bankrupt.

Can a company make you redundant without a selection process?

last in, first out (employees with the shortest length of service are selected first) Your employer can make you redundant without having to follow a selection process if your job no longer exists, for example if: your employer is closing down a whole operation in a company and making all the employees working in it redundant

What to do if you are made redundant in Scotland?

Talk to your manager and training provider if you’re an apprentice and you’re worried about being made redundant. Your training provider or the National Apprenticeship Service might be able to help you find another employer to help you complete your apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are different in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Where can I get free consultation on voluntary redundancy?

Employsure is an expert when it comes to managing the voluntary redundancy process. For peace of mind, please fill out the online form to request a free consultation.