Is it good to have a sister around?

Is it good to have a sister around?

Having a sister around is the perfect sounding board when you need advice. …but sometimes you get advice you didn’t ask for. Unfortunately, that same source of wisdom likes to give advice even when you’re not in the mood or don’t want to hear it. You have a partner in crime…

What are the benefits of having a sister?

Another serious positive to having a sister is someone to commiserate over your monthly visits. …and someone to fight with when you’re both in a bad mood (at that time of the month). With lady troubles come hormonal problems, and it can be easy to get really catty with each other when both of you are on different sides of your cycle.

Is it bad when your sister is more popular than you?

Whether you need someone to give you advice, or simply an excuse to get you out of an unwanted commitment, sisters will usually come to the rescue. …but it’s not fun if you’re the less popular one. If your sisters are more popular than you, it can be difficult to struggle socially while watching your sister have it all.

Why do people expect you to be the same person as your sister?

…but people always expect the two of you to be the same person. At the same time, because people see you together so much, many of them expect the two of you to be the same. Not only that, teachers, friends, and others will undoubtedly expect you to have the exact same traits as your sister. You always have someone to get advice from…

How does my sister live her life now?

We don’t keep up with each others lives unless we are in the same room together and have nothing else to talk about. To no one’s surprise, my sister graduated college with honors and immediately found a high-paying job. She’s currently living on her own with her high-school sweetheart.

How big of a house did my sister live in?

Never mind that she lived in a 300-sq. ft. studio where you could watch TV, cook dinner, and blow dry your hair in the bathroom all without getting off the couch. Because of our closeness in age (16 months apart), growing up we’d shared friends with ease, toys badly, and clothing even worse.

Is it possible to stay mad at a sibling?

For one thing, it’s impossible to stay mad at a sibling. Unlike sharing a living space with a non-blood relative whose propensity for cooking fish three nights a week or clipping her toenails within earshot would bring you to a solid 9 on the rage scale, when it’s your sibling, you can speak your mind without fear of offending him or her.

How did I live in my Sister’s Shadow?

My sister was the Homecoming Queen, Student Body President and Salutatorian of her high school class. I, on the other hand, was living in her shadow. My older (and only) sister and I are complete opposites. She is shy, while I’m outgoing.