What happens if you are caught with marijuana in your possession?

What happens if you are caught with marijuana in your possession?

Keep in mind that the federal prohibition against marijuana might impact you even if don’t violate state law or don’t end up with a conviction. Marijuana use can result in eviction from public housing and ineligibility for some jobs. Federal law prohibits possessing a firearm and marijuana at the same time.

Why are there so many arrests for marijuana?

One of the main reasons for the spike in arrests is that states where cannabis is illegal or is only legal for medicinal use, are tougher than ever on marijuana use and possession. Before I provide the number of arrests per state, I will discuss the top three states for weed busts.

What is the penalty for second possession of marijuana?

The penalty increases to a felony for a second possession offense. If someone possesses marijuana in order to sell it or for other criminal reasons, the penalties become much harsher—including possible mandatory prison time and forfeiture of property or money .

Is it against the law to have marijuana in Your House?

While federal prosecution for marijuana possession when state law allows it isn’t common, the rise in the number of states authorizing certain medical and recreational marijuana use has prompted the federal government to reevaluate its enforcement policies from time to time.

What happens to marijuana seized by the police?

It does not take much to find a great deal of stories and news articles on the internet about confiscated marijuana vanishing from police evidence lockers and warehouses. And how much more of that could be happening behind the scenes that we never get to know about. Humans are humans everywhere and police officers are no different.

How long has A1 organics been recycling marijuana?

A1 Organics have been recycling garden waste, wood pallets and logs for 40 years and marijuana for 3 years since they’ve partnered up with The Denver Police Department.

What happens if you send marijuana across state lines?

“If a package crosses state lines the crime instantly becomes federal and remember, in the eyes of the federal law, marijuana is still considered to be a Schedule I drug with no medicinal value or use and a high propensity for abuse.