What profession installs French drains?

What profession installs French drains?

A French drain installation is a simple process that requires a whole lot of digging….To find a pro contractor capable of building a French drain, search terms such as:

  • Waterproofing contractor.
  • Basement contractor.
  • Drainage contractor.
  • Landscape contractor.

    Why does my basement have a French drain?

    A French Drain Keeps Your Basement Dry When used in residential construction, the French drain sits alongside the footings of a foundation and creates a space to alleviate the pressure created by water underground. This pressure is created by a rise in the water table, usually caused by heavy rains.

    How much should I charge to install a French drain?

    According to Fixr, the average French drain costs $4,500. An exterior drain located fairly close to the surface could cost as little as $1,000, or $25 per linear foot on average. Drains installed under your basement floor could cost $2,000 or more. Expect to pay $60 to $70 per linear foot for installation.

    Do I need a French drain in my basement?

    If, for example, there’s excessive surface water in your yard after a downpour, then a shallow French drain – which is dug approximately two feet below ground level – will do the trick. But if water continually leaks into your basement, you’ll need either a deep or interior French drain.

    Does a French drain need an outlet?

    A French drain system can be used alone or combined with a dry well. A properly designed French drain system does not require an outlet. The water will simply soak into the soil as it flows along the perforated pipe. In fact, a French drain doesn’t require an inlet on just one end either.

    How long will a French drain last?

    approximately 30 to 40 years
    Generally speaking, a French drain will last approximately 30 to 40 years. However, the above-mentioned factors may shorten its life cycle and it must then be replaced by a team of foundation experts.

    Does a French drain need to be sloped?

    French drains need to have a slope of at least 1 percent, so the force of gravity will work for you. This means that the drain should slope down a total of at least one inch for every 10 feet of pipe.

    How does a French drain in a basement work?

    A French drain removes water from a basement by collecting moisture in a shallow trench, pulling it into a perforated pipe, and expelling it to a basin and sump pump.

    Who is the inventor of the basement drain?

    Named after Henry French, who popularized the technology in 1859, the drain is a popular and effective method for drying out basements that are constantly effected by rainwater and other runoff.

    How much does it cost to install a French drain?

    The average cost of a basement french drain system is around $25-$30 per linear foot for DIY installation, including the sump pump. Professional installation of a french drain in your basement, is around $60-$70 per foot. How Much Does a Basement or Inside French Drain Cost Installed?

    Do you have to dig a trench for a French drain?

    Similar to an outside french drain system, installing an interior french drain requires digging a trench roughly 18-48 inches deep around the perimeter walls of your basement to collect any water that is pressing against the foundation. You will also need to install a sump pump to collect and remove any water that is collected by the drain system.