What to do if your spouse is an addict?

What to do if your spouse is an addict?

In case your marriage can still be saved, give marriage therapy a try by all means while getting the right support and assistance via mental healthcare providers for your partner. Want to have a happier, healthier marriage?

Is it bad to divorce a drug addict?

Any divorce is difficult, and something we all wish to be able to avoid but divorcing a drug addict bears even more hardships. Being married to one does as well. Addiction is one of the primary destroyers of relationships and families, as well as individual lives.

How is a marriage affected by an addiction?

Addiction is, without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges for a marriage. The non-addicted spouse is affected by the addiction directly and indirectly. They have to watch someone they love going through a disastrous downward spiral. Often, they also have to look at how this affects their children.

What causes a spouse to have financial problems?

Financial problems can stem from a spouse losing their job or being demoted at their job. Stress from family can include children, problems with their family or the spouse’s family. Stress is triggered by many different things.

What to do if your spouse is addicted to drugs?

If you are a non-addicted spouse and your husband or wife has become abusive, creating a dangerous environment in your home, get yourself and any children you may have to safety.

What happens to a marriage with substance abuse?

It can result in career loss, financial ruin, divorce, estrangement, and even death. Today, we’ll focus on six landmines that substance abuse plants in your marriage when you’re struggling with addiction.

How can substance abuse destroy marriage-SYMBIS Assessment?

Substance abuse is devastating to marriages, families, and relationships. It can result in career loss, financial ruin, divorce, estrangement, and even death.

Can a marriage be torn apart by addiction?

When you vowed “till death do us part,” you likely never imagined that your soul mate would begin taking actions that could make that a reality sooner rather than later. Few people knowingly marry someone struggling with addiction, and the behaviors that accompany drug addiction can tear a marriage to pieces.