Who is the vendor for fingerprint capture in New York?

Who is the vendor for fingerprint capture in New York?

A: New York State agencies use one vendor for capturing fingerprints for civil purposes (i.e. employment, licensing, pistol permits, etc.).   The name of the vendor is MorphoTrust/IDEMIA and additional information can be obtained at:  MorphoTrust Services.

How to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting?

A: There are two ways to schedule an appointment. To make a selection go to Fingerprinting Start to Finish MorphoTrust/IDEMIA requires me to provide a “Service Code” to schedule an appointment. What is a Service Code and what is it used for?

What kind of iD do I need for fingerprinting?

Custodian, Clerk, Cafeteria Worker, Grounds Keeper, etc. What kind of identification must I provide to MorphoTrust/IDEMIA at the time of fingerprinting? A: You must bring one of the valid/unexpired identification documents from the list below to your enrollment appointment.

What can you do with a 14zgqt fingerprint?

14ZGQT Reading Teacher, Reading, Permanent Certificate; Students With Disabilities (Grades 1-6), SWD – Birth to Grade 6, Professional Certificate, etc. Employment 14ZGR7 Custodian, Clerk, Cafeteria Worker, Grounds Keeper, etc.

How long does it take to get fingerprints for licensure?

If you submit fingerprints for licensure purposes, the background check reports only will be sent to CDE. CDE will then update the status in your eLicensing account. This process can take up to six (6) weeks depending on how you submitted your fingerprints.

Do you need a new set of fingerprints for CDE?

If you have submitted fingerprints for CDE credentialing in the past, but allowed all credentials to lapse – even if for one day -, you must submit a new set of fingerprints to CBI for a current background check.

What to do if your fingerprint card is rejected?

If your fingerprint card is rejected because of poor quality, there are two alternative solutions. Have your ESD or law enforcement agency rescan your fingerprints. Ask for a hard copy print out of the new scan. Attach the rejection notice to the new scanned and printed fingerprint card.

Where do I find my fingerprint record results?

WSP/FBI sends the results of fingerprint record checks to OSPI. The results reside in a secure database that designated staff from public schools, colleges, and universities, Washington’s school for the deaf and school for the blind, private schools, as well as certification programs, can access online.