Who was the 9 year old boy hit by a car?

Who was the 9 year old boy hit by a car?

The victims were identified as 9-year-old Jayson Izquierdo and 17-year-old Nathaniel Dabney. Editor’s note: We were originally told by police that there were two victims and both were teenagers. Police have since updated that there were three boys hit by the car, and one was only 9 years old.

Who was 5 year old girl killed in car accident?

A five-year-old girl was walking with her mother when she was hit and killed by a Toyota Tarago in Sydney’s West. Mum Taylor Maddock and her daughter Alannah Sobolewski. Source:Facebook Devastated family and friends have paid tribute to a five-year-old girl killed in a tragic car accident on Wednesday night.

How did the couple die in Alexandra Hill crash?

Police allege the teen ran a red light and collided with a truck at an intersection. The 4WD then rolled and ploughed into the couple, who died at the scene on Finucane Drive. Police said on Wednesday further charges against the teen are possible over Leadbetter’s unborn child.

Who was the boy that was hit by a car in Fountain?

Unfortunately, both the people that were struck by the vehicle were deceased,” said Fountain Lt. Mark Christiani. Police said the older boy died at the scene, while the younger was rushed to the hospital, where he later died. A third boy, 15, was also hit by the car but survived with minor injuries.

Who was the 17 year old girl killed in a car crash?

A Michigan community is mourning the loss of a 17-year-old girl who was killed in a car crash, just days after celebrating her high school graduation. The Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office identified Kirsten Franzel as the sole victim in Sunday evening’s crash, according to CBS affiliate WNEM and NBC affiliate WEYI.

Who was the girl that crashed her car with her boyfriend?

That night, after Freebury questioned Winter’s boyfriend, Ryan Langford, and learned of Winter’s text messages threatening to crash her car, authorities believed they found that reason. “She did just exactly what she said she was going to do,” Freebury said.

What did the teen say before the crash?

Teen driver sent emotional text messages saying she wanted to crash her car. Accident or Suicide Attempt? Part 1: Just before fatal crash, teen sent texts saying she wanted to wreck car.

Why was Jessica Thompson driving her son home?

Thompson was driving her son Caden home just after 8 p.m. after watching him perform in a school concert. She was glowing with pride for her teenage son, a talented drummer who was one of three students chosen to play at the concert. But Thompson was also glowing for another reason — she was four months pregnant with her second child.