Do I have to disclose my religion to my employer?

Do I have to disclose my religion to my employer?

Religious Discrimination in the Workplace If you didn’t make a reasonable accommodation request, your employer generally doesn’t have legal grounds to ask you about your religious beliefs. Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), it is illegal for an employer to discriminate based on religion.

Can an employer post your job while you are still employed?

While it is quite insulting to read/see your own job position being posted while you are employed by the company, there is nothing illegal about doing it. A business has a right to line up another employee at their discretion.

When to ask for a doctor’s note from an employee?

Generally, an employer can ask employees for a doctor’s note when they take time off because of an illness. But it’s important to consider the laws governing doctors’ notes before making them a requirement.

When can my employer ask me for medical information or a…?

The employer needs to notify employees when a medical certification is required. This notification must be included in the written Rights and Responsibilities Notice that the employer gives the employee within five business days of becoming aware of the employee’s need for FMLA leave.

Can a person be fired for not providing a doctor’s note?

On 2/3/17, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed summary judgment for an employer that terminated an employee after he told a supervisor he would not provide a doctor’s note for an absence. The district court had granted summary judgment on the ground that the supervisor did not know that the employee had a disability.

Can a company make a doctor’s note part of sick leave?

Employers can, however, ask whether the absence is directly related to the reason for intermittent FMLA leave. Employers can generally make doctors’ notes part of their sick leave policy, as long as the practice is consistently applied to all employees.

Can a employer request a doctor’s note for work?

It is usually not a violation of HIPAA to request a note from a doctor if an employer needs information about sick leave, worker’s compensation, or health insurance. An employer has to keep medical information separated from the personnel file of the employee.

Can a employer ask for more medical information?

The employer should not request any additional medical information. (Note: Due to HIPAA restrictions, competent medical providers should not be willing to provide more than this basic information anyway.)

Can a employer contact a falsifying Doctor?

The FMLA does permit an employer to contact a medical provider who has supposedly provided medical certification in order to authenticate that document (CFR §825.307).

When to ask for a doctor’s note for disability leave?

If the employer has information that reasonably causes it to believe that these concerns are related to the employee’s disability, then medical questions and a medical examination may be appropriate. Employers may ask employees to provide a doctor’s note to support a request for leave. This documentation is required by other laws.