How are law enforcement agencies using ALPR data?

How are law enforcement agencies using ALPR data?

EFF has been trying to find more information about how and where law enforcement agencies use ALPRs, but our attempts are often stymied by the courts. Along with the ACLU, we recently asked the California Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that ALPR data could be withheld from the public.

Is it true that law enforcement is watching you?

Local law enforcement has been getting in on the action, and it’s not good. If you’re planning on dressing up and enjoying yourself this weekend, you might think that a layer of paint and a wig is enough to make you unrecognizable. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

What kind of monitoring does law enforcement do?

Local law enforcement does extensive monitoring of social media too, and so do private companies working for the government —all without even reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.

How does law enforcement know if you have a cell phone?

They can just use an IMSI catcher . International Mobile Subscriber Identity catchers (commonly known as Stingrays, after a popular brand of catcher) trick cell phones into revealing their locations by masquerading as cell phone towers. When your phone connects to a Stingray, officers know that you’re near it.

Can a police officer ticket you for expired tags?

If a city police or California Highway Patrol officer sees expired tags on a vehicle, they can, and will, ticket it. The DMV doesn’t conduct enforcement efforts for expired tags but if you’re caught, you’ll face a fine and penalties.

Who are the state and local law enforcement agencies?

This is a list of U.S. state and local law enforcement agencies — local, regional, special and statewide government agencies (state police) of the U.S. states that provide law enforcement duties, including investigations, prevention and patrol functions. In addition, the Attorney General’s office of each state may have their own investigators.

Why is time in station going up in law enforcement?

Law enforcement is challenged by growing volumes of video and other digital evidence. Time in station is going up because officers are spending more time writing reports and reviewing video evidence. Develop systems to automate and accelerate the review of video evidence and generation of reports.

What are the consequences for having an expired vehicle?

I understand that law enforcement officers have more pressing matters needing their attention, but couldn’t parking enforcement personnel, police Explorers, or somebody go around with license plate scanners and report these scofflaws?”