How to apply for a Merrill Lynch job?

How to apply for a Merrill Lynch job?

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What happens if Merrill Lynch goes out of business?

Without short-term financing, Merrill would not be able to meet its obligations as they became due and the firm would fail.

How much did Bank of America pay for Merrill Lynch?

Although the end of Wall Street was imminent, Bank of America’s offer valued Merrill Lynch at $29 per share—a 70 percent premium over the stock’s closing price on the previous Friday, and nearly twice its book value.

What was the deal with Merrill Lynch and AIG?

The deal was announced on the same day that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy protection and the day before Treasury and the Federal Reserve decided to throw an $85 billion lifeline to AIG, the global insurer that had foolishly underwritten the risks of the financial system.

Why did Merill Lynch go out of business?

Instead of being a financial advisory business, which brought Wall Street to Main Street, it eventually morphed into a Wall Street investment bank, with management pursuing outsized profits in its sales and trading business. It was, of course, the reckless pursuit of profits in the fixed income markets that led to the firm’s downfall.

What kind of financial advisor is Merrill Lynch?

For instance, The Wall Street Journal reported that Merrill Lynch is aggressively recruiting Morgan Stanley advisors. Each day, thousands of investors across the country receive a call from their financial advisor informing them that he or she has moved to another firm.

How much money did Merrill Lynch write down?

The county was able to recover about $600 million in total, including the $400 million from Merrill. In November 2007, Merrill Lynch announced it would write-down $8.4 billion in losses associated with the subprime mortgage crisis, and would remove E. Stanley O’Neal as its chief executive.

Who was the general counsel of Merrill Lynch?

Kelly was going to become general counsel to the investment banking unit of Bank of America–Merrill Lynch. Bill Caccamise, a BofA veteran who had been tapped for that job, would become chief counsel of the Merrill Lynch private client business.