How to evict a family member in Arizona?

How to evict a family member in Arizona?

Make two copies of the eviction notice you have filled in. Ask the family member you wish to evict to sign and date both copies. Give one copy to the family member and keep the other copy for yourself. File for a court hearing if the family member refuses to leave the home after being served with an eviction notice.

How to remove a family member from your Florida home?

If you are Florida Homeowner that needs to remove a Family member from your Florida Home, call the experienced Florida Unlawful Detainer Attorneys of 954 Eviction Attorneys today at (954) 323-2529. We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Where can I evict my Boyfriend in Florida?

We are Eviction Lawyers located in Broward County and Palm Beach County that help landlords, property managers, investors, and owners with evictions and landlord-tenant matters throughout the great State of Florida.

Can a landlord evict a tenant in Florida?

For a tenant without a lease, Practically any conduct or activity that amounts to an offense in the landlord’s opinion can lead to eviction. A tenant living in a Florida residential house without a lease agreement can be evicted anytime for any reason.

Can a family member be evicted from your home?

In the eyes of state law, the eviction of a family member or friend from home is a possibility. If a person refuses to vacate your space, then taking legal action to remove a tenant is your final option. But before taking any legal action, you must first determine how the law classifies the unwanted family member.

Can a landlord evict you in Florida if there is no lease?

Eviction Process for No Lease / End of Lease In the state of Florida, a landlord may evict a tenant at any time if there is no written lease in place or if the term of the lease has ended (“Tenancy at Will”), regardless of whether or not the rent has been paid in a timely fashion.

How to file for an eviction in Florida?

Florida Eviction Process. 1 Step 1: Notice is Posted. Landlords in Florida can begin the eviction process for several reasons, including: 2 Step 2: Complaint is Filed. 3 Step 3: Summons and Complaint is Served. 4 Step 4: Motion to Obtain Judgment is Filed. 5 Step 5: Writ of Possession is Posted.