How to sue for damages resulting from perjury?

How to sue for damages resulting from perjury?

However, using techniques like a RICO suit might be one way to work around those issues. There may be other techniques, as well, that would be unique to your particular situation. The only way to fully investigate those options would be through the use of a skilled, licensed attorney.

When to alert an attorney to perjury charges?

If the perjury occurs during a court case in which you are represented by an attorney, you should alert her to the perjury as soon as possible. If the false statements harm you or your case in any way, you may have an additional claim against the person in civil court.

Can a private citizen file a charge of perjury?

As a crime, private citizens cannot file charges accusing anyone of perjury – only a state prosecutor or district attorney can file charges of perjury. However, if you know about or have evidence that someone else committed perjury, there are steps you can take to ensure the person doesn’t get away with her crimes.

What happens if the DA Files perjury charges?

Cooperate with any follow-up questions. If the DA chooses to file perjury charges, be ready to provide any additional information to assist the DA with her case. If convicted, federal and most state laws provide for fines or imprisonment up to five years.

Can a person Sue another person for perjury?

Lawsuits would literally spawn other lawsuits which, in turn, could spawn even more lawsuits. For that reason, not only are witnesses protected from civil liability for their testimony, but parties may not sue one another for allegations contained in the pleadings or motions filed in a case.

What do you need to know about perjury charges?

Identify the statements you believe to be perjury. You should make a list of each statement made by the other party that you believe to be false. People perjure themselves if they make a false or misleading statement under oath, or sign a document that they know to contain false or misleading statements.

Which is an example of a punitive damages award?

Punitive Damages. The legal term punitive damages refers to a monetary award ordered by the court to be paid by a defendant to the plaintiff in a civil lawsuit. While it is common for a plaintiff to be awarded money to pay for a wrong committed by the defendant, such as money to pay medical bills, or for property damage,…

Are there any Nevada Supreme Court cases involving perjury?

The second reported case from our Nevada Supreme Court involving a perjury prosecution resulting from false testimony presented in a divorce case is Cosio v. State of Nevada, 106 Nev. 327, 793 P.2d 836 (1990). In Cosio, the defendant was convicted of perjury after he falsely testified before the divorce court.