Is it bad to be married to a prisoner?

Is it bad to be married to a prisoner?

Being married I had to carry myself a certain way or so I thought even though my husband was miles away. I did not want to bring shame to his name as I had to walk the streets and attend the same events as his family members who were itching to report back to him any of my wrong doings.

Is it possible to be in love with an inmate?

It may be a fantasy to some but for me it was a ten year reality. Loving an inmate is a task many can’t imagine for anyone outside their family or close friends, but to be in love with and also marry an inmate is a task within itself. No parent dreams of giving permission to someone behind bars to spend happily ever after with their child.

Why did I let my husband ride to jail with Me?

What I did not know in the beginning was that every time I let someone ride to the jail with me he received funds from their lover or family member. The manipulation tactics did not stop there as he often tried to make me feel guilty about wanting to do anything besides sit in the visiting room.

Do you send money to men in jail?

Investing in a relationship takes time and definitely takes money when dealing with an inmate. I do not believe when women claim to not send any money or do anything for the men behind bars because at some point you are going to load money to their books to buy food, phone minutes, and anything else they want to keep them happy.

How long did my husband go to prison for?

My husband was sentenced to five years in prison and 15 years of probation. It has been more than two years since my husband began his sentence. Many people ask me what it’s like to be married to someone in prison. The most common things people ask me are about visits, phone calls and faithfulness.

Can you get married while in federal prison?

Yes, you can get married while he is in prison. I just recently viewed a program on television about women who marry men in prison. The prison will only allow plain ceremonies with nothing extra, such as wedding attire.

Is it bad to be married to an inmate?

The mental and emotional stress of loving an inmate is overwhelming. The smallest misunderstanding led to an argument and accusations of unfaithfulness.

Why did I Lose my job as a prison wife?

I was a criminal justice professional (I lost my job because of my husband’s arrest and conviction) and have a Master’s degree in criminal behavior. In four years of working with offenders, I have seen relationships survive prison but I have seen many more fall apart.