Is it selfish to move away from grandchildren?

Is it selfish to move away from grandchildren?

You are not selfish to want to move away. People do it for many reasons, you just have to figure out the kind of relationship you want with your grandkids and how you can cultivate that while living away. You’re own happiness is very important.

Do you feel guilty leaving children and grandchildren?

My delima is I have a lot of anxiety about making the move, I feel guilty leaving my grown adult children and my grandchildren 3 boys and another grandson on the way. I see my daughters often who live close by.

What happens when children move away from home?

Children would marry and move away from home, of course, but this “moving away from home” usually meant moving a few miles away. At most, the new couple established their roots in the next town. But things changed dramatically since then, and families became more and more spread out geographically.

What does a family do when the daughter in law ignores the family?

Question:Dear Luise: We just got the wedding behind us and everything went well. Actually it was beautiful. My question is, what does a family do when the daughter in law ignores the entire family of our son. We have been around her just a few times due to the fact that our son is in the military.

When to leave children and grandchildren to another state?

Leaving or children and grandchildren to another state 5-6 hours away. (Pinon Hills, Ca. United States) My husband and I would like to go to a another state for an easier lifestyle, were not happy with the area we live in, its not changing for the good, not only that our house and 2 1/2 acres is just to much for us to keep up.

Is it hard to move away from a grandchild?

In a slightly different situation, if your grandchild lives near you and then the family decides to move far away, what you feel may be very close to bereavement. In some ways, it is harder if you were geographically close to grandchildren and then have to adapt to distance.

Is the daughter-in-law a controlling person?

Your daughter-in-law seems to be a controlling person, and that is creating problems for your relationship with, and for, your son. So continue to tread lightly and appreciate the time you get with your son and his children, however limited it is.

Why are my son and daughter-in-law estranged?

Because it’s been our observation that things like this happen for a reason. That reason may have something to do with an offense, whether real or imagined. It could have been your fault. It might be a problem with your daughter-in-law. It may be nothing more than an unfortunate misunderstanding.

How old are my son and daughter in law?

My son and daughter-in-law are well-educated, and they now have two young daughters, ages 6 and 3. The girls are very attached to us. But our daughter-in-law controls the girls and they rarely visit us. When they do visit, their mother won’t let the kids out of her sight.