What are eviCore guidelines?

What are eviCore guidelines?

eviCore’s evidence-based clinical guidelines are based on the most current information from medical societies, as well as scientific evidence from recently published, peer-reviewed medical literature.

Is MedSolutions the same as eviCore?

The talents, technologies and tactical expertise of CareCore | MedSolutions are now unified as eviCore healthcare (eviCore). The recently merged companies combined to deliver innovative MBM solutions designed to bring better outcomes to everyone involved in the healthcare system: patients, providers and payers alike.

What is Cigna eviCore?

eviCore healthcare (eviCore) is an independent specialty medical benefits management company that provides utilization management services for Cigna Healthcare.

What is the relationship between Cigna and eviCore?

What is the relationship between eviCore healthcare and Cigna? eviCore is a Cigna affiliate and already reviews coverage for advanced radiology, musculoskeletal, diagnostic cardiology, medical oncology, radiation therapy and Gastroenterology services for Cigna. This is an extension of their services.

Did Cigna buy eviCore?

The announcement indicated that eviCore will become Cigna’s utilization management subcontractor assisting members with non-specialty infusions, and that eviCore will provide home health, all home infused medications, and durable medical equipment services for Cigna customers.

What is eviCore phone number?

Thank you for submitting. You will be contacted by an eviCore representative within 5 business days. If you do not hear back from us within 5 business days, please call 800-792-8744, option4.

Is eviCore owned by Aetna?

eviCore healthcare (eviCore) is an independent specialty medical benefits management company that provides utilization management services for Aetna. Which members will eviCore healthcare manage for the outpatient diagnostic radiology and cardiology imaging services program?

Does United Healthcare use eviCore?

UHC now requires commercial to use eviCore national services to obtain prior authorization for proton beam therapy.

Does Cigna allow retro authorization?

Cigna-HealthSpring does require the retro authorization request and applicable clinical information to be submitted to the Health Services department within 1 business day of providing the service.

Does eviCore process claims for Cigna?

Health care professionals who participate with eviCore must submit claims directly to eviCore electronically or by mail. * eviCore reviews the claim and then forwards it to Cigna for processing.

Is Evernorth part of Cigna?

Cigna rebranded its health services division as Evernorth in September in a bid to spur more interest in its products from potential industry clients.