What happens if you marry a Belgian citizen?

What happens if you marry a Belgian citizen?

The marriage ceremony to a Belgian citizen can legally take place in Belgium, Canada, or any other country as long as both parties have the necessary visas to enter this country legally. This marriage can then be recognized when applying for a permanent residence or an eTA for your Belgian spouse.

Does my foreign partner become a Belgian citizen through marriage?

The obtaining of the Belgian nationality through marriage implies that at the time of the application, the foreign national lives with the Belgian partner. Both spouses should have lived together in Belgium between six months and three years according to the cases.

Can 2 foreigners marry in Belgium?

To get married in Belgium, either you or your future spouse must be a Belgian citizen or have been resident in Belgium for at least three months. Foreigners must meet the criteria for marriage in their home country, including age limits.

Can I stay in Belgium after marriage?

Once the marriage is registered in Belgium the applicant will receive a Belgian residence card with which he/she can stay in Belgium; Please note that the city hall in Belgium might require your original legalized birth certificate ) upon your registration in Belgium.

How long does it take to get Belgian citizenship after marriage?

Even if you have a Belgian spouse or partner, you’ll need to have been legally resident in Belgium for 5 years with a good knowledge of one of the 3 national languages to be eligible for Belgian citizenship.

What they speak in Belgium?

Belgium/Official languages

Like any other country, Belgium also has official languages. These are Dutch, French and German. These three languages are spoken in areas that are more or less delineated. Mid-last century, language areas were delineated on the basis of language use.

Can I bring my girlfriend to Belgium?

Your partner can only join you in Belgium via family reunification if your partnership is officially registered. The law distinguishes two types of registered partnerships: a partnership considered to be “equivalent to marriage” and a “legally registered partnership”.

At what age can you marry in Belgium?

Belgian law lays down several requirements for getting married: a minimum age of 18. mutual consent (not being forced to marry) not being related by family.

How much does it cost to get married in Belgium?

The cost of an average wedding in Belgium is around 17,000 euros, which is much lower than a US wedding’s expenditure. To get married in Belgium, either the bride or groom must be Belgian citizen or has had his or her place of residence in Belgium for at least three months.

Can I visit my husband in Belgium?

Typically, if you are the spouse, registered partner or unmarried child up to the age of 18, you can join or accompany your relative in Belgium if your relation has authorization to stay in Belgium or has settled there permanently.

Can I get a Belgian passport through marriage?

It is no longer possible to acquire Belgian nationality through marriage (abolished in 1985) or through the “option” procedure between the ages of 18 and 22 years old (abolished in 2013).

Can a gay couple get married in Portugal?

Same-sex weddings and gay marriage are permitted with the same restrictions. To get married, at least one of the couple must have lived in Portugal for a minimum of 30 days. After this period, the couple can obtain a certificate of no impediment (unless you’re a British national, in which case you don’t need this).

Who was the wife of King Albert I of Belgium?

Albert was married in Munich on 2 October 1900 to Bavarian Duchess Elisabeth Gabrielle Valérie Marie, a Wittelsbach princess whom he had met at a family funeral.

Who was Princess Marie of Belgium related to?

Princess Marie was a relative of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany ( r. 1888–1918 ), and a member of the non-reigning, Catholic branch of the Hohenzollern family. Albert grew up in the Palace of the Count of Flanders, initially as third in the line of succession to the Belgian throne as his reigning uncle Leopold II’s son had already died.

Who was the father of Prince Philippe of Belgium?

Prince Philippe was the third (second surviving) son of Leopold I ( r. 1831–1865 ), the first King of the Belgians, and his wife, Louise-Marie of France, and the younger brother of King Leopold II of Belgium ( r. 1865–1909 ). Princess Marie was a relative of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany ( r.

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Who are some famous people that lived in Portugal?

Portugal was home to many famous Jews during this period. Abraham Zacuto wrote tables that provided the principal base for Portuguese navigation, including those used by Vasco Da Gama on his trip to India.

How is Tom Hanks related to the Portuguese people?

Tom Hanks (born 1956), 2-time Academy Award-winning American actor, voice-over artist and movie producer, two grandparents on his mother’s side were Azorean, two grandparents on his father’s side were Azorean, thus he’s half Portuguese on both sides.

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