What is an EduCare au pair?

What is an EduCare au pair?

As an eduCare companion you will take care of school aged children, which means that the childcare that you will provide will usually only be before and after school. This is great as it allows you the opportunity to focus more on your studies! EduCare companions provide up to 30 hours of childcare assistance per week.

How much is au pair stipend?

What You Pay to Your Au Pair

Description Fee Payment Due
Au Pair Stipend* At least $195.75 per week Each week, on a day that you and your au pair agree upon
Education Stipend Up to $500 per year When your au pair enrolls in educational courses at an accredited post-secondary institution

How much do au pairs get paid in America?

Au pairs in the USA must receive a minimum of $195.75 pocket money per week, depending on the specific arrangements made between the host family and the au pair.

How is au pair stipend calculated?

The au pair stipend is calculated as the applicable minimum wage multiplied by 45 hours per week less a 40% credit for room and board. it is important to note that the greater of the Federal, state or locality minimum wage must be used in these calculations.

Can a 27 year old be an au pair?

18-26 years old – Au Pair applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 26 years old. Au Pairs may turn 27 while in the U.S. and still extend their stay, but they must initially enter the U.S. while they are still 26.

Are au pairs nonresident aliens?

Most au pairs are considered nonresident aliens for tax purposes, so they are not eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Hope Credit or the Lifetime Learning Credit.

Can you be an au pair after 30?

Au Pairs must be: Between 18-and-26-years-old. Capable of fully participating in the program as evidenced by the satisfactory completion of a physical.

Do you get a stipend as an au pair?

*Au pairs must receive a weekly stipend from the host family that is no less than the amount listed above. The U.S. Department of State accounts for costs associated with weekly room and board and other Fair Labor Standards Act considerations when establishing the above minimum weekly stipend amounts for the Au Pair and EduCare programs.

What are the benefits of the Au Pair Program?

Au Pair Program Through the Au Pair program, participants and host families take part in a mutually rewarding, intercultural opportunity. Participants can continue their education while experiencing everyday life with an American family, and hosts receive reliable and responsible childcare from individuals who become part of the family.

How many hours of child care can an au pair provide?

In addition, Department of State regulations specify that an au pair may not provide more than forty-five (45) hours of child care assistance per week in the Au Pair or Extraordinare Programs, or more than thirty (30) hours of child care assistance per week in the EduCare Program.

How many au pairs travel to America each year?

Living with an American host family as an eduCare companion not only introduces you to American culture and lifestyle, you will get to know so many other cultures through the friends you make during your stay. You will be one of over 4000 au pairs from more than 60 countries who travel to America each year with Au Pair in America.