Why do guys have to pay alimony?

Why do guys have to pay alimony?

Alimony payments are designed to equalize the financial resources of a divorcing couple. Alimony is generally awarded in cases where the spouses have very unequal earning power and have been married a long time. For example, a judge is unlikely to award alimony if the couple has only been married for a year.

When do mothers have to pay child support?

Due to major family law and child support changes implemented during 2006-08, it is now more likely than ever before that mothers will be assessed to pay child support when parents separate. There is, however, a lack of research around mothers who are liable to pay child support to their ex-spouse or partner.

Can a woman make a man pay child support?

Since no man was on the birth certificate she started pointing fingers. She figured out her fiancee wasn’t the father and pointed the finger at my husband. Not only did she turn him in as a potential father she had the nerve to call him and accuse him of being the father and demand he pay her 100 dollars a month.

Do you pay child support if you are a custodial parent?

Child support is a topic which tends to polarize all parties involved. Although in some situations, mothers pay child support to custodial fathers, in the vast majority of cases, mothers are the custodial parents and non-custodial fathers pay child support.

Can you pay child support directly to your ex-wife?

For many child support cases, paying child support directly to your ex-wife is a bad idea, you should not do it, and it may not be allowed under child support laws. However, that does not make it impossible to pay child support directly.

Why dont Parents pay child support?

The biggest reason people don’t pay their Child Support is because they don’t see the direct value of how it helps support their children. Secondly, it’s very upsetting, as a parent who already supports his/her children, to have a judge or attorney tell you what amount and when you will pay Child Support.

How do you make child support payments online?

Visit your state’s website. You can find the appropriate website by searching for “your state” and “child support payment online.” Many states use the ExpertPay service website for online payments. Once at the website, look to see how you can create an account. There should be a link.

Can I get child support?

  • Open a child support case
  • Locate the noncustodial parent (NCP)
  • Establish paternity
  • File a support order
  • Set up payment
  • Enforce the support order
  • Review the order

    How is child support paid?

    Child support can be paid in an annuity, lump sum, property settlement, or a combination of these. Most people pay in installments that their employer takes directly out of paychecks and submits to the state for distribution to the other parent.