Why is St Basil the Great important?

Why is St Basil the Great important?

Basil the Great, Latin Basilius, (born ad 329, Caesarea Mazaca, Cappadocia—died January 1, 379, Caesarea; Western feast day January 2; Eastern feast day January 1), early Church Father who defended the orthodox faith against the Arian heresy.

Where is Basil the Great buried?

Saint Basil the Great

Birth 330 Turkey
Death 1 Jan 379 (aged 48–49) Turkey
Burial St. George’s Cathedral Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
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What did St Basil believe?

Basil was certain that Arianism was heretical, but he also believed that the Nicene party, adhering strictly to the language of the Council of Nicaea (325), had not yet presented a defensible theological formulation of the orthodox position.

Where was saint Basil the Great born?

Kayseri, Turkey
Basil of Caesarea/Place of birth

What is saint Basil the patron of?

Basil the Great is the patron Saint for both hospital administrators and reformers. More than that, he is the patron saint for the region of Cappadocia in Turkey.

When did saint Basil live?

330 AD – January 1, 379 AD
Basil of Caesarea/Years of Living

Is Basil Russian?

Basil the Blessed (known also as Basil, fool for Christ; Basil, Wonderworker of Moscow; or Blessed Basil of Moscow, fool for Christ Russian: Василий Блаженный, Vasily Blazhenny) is a Russian Orthodox saint of the type known as yurodivy or “holy fool”.

When did Saint Basil live?

What is meant by Doctor of the Church?

Doctor of the church, in Roman Catholicism, any of the 36 saints whose doctrinal writings have special authority. The writings and teachings of the various doctors of the church are of particular importance to Roman Catholic theology, and their works are considered to be both true and timeless.

When was Basil born?

330 AD
Basil of Caesarea/Date of birth

Is Emilia a Catholic name?

Emmelia—also known as Emilia or Emily—is venerated as a saint in both the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church and is said to have died on 30 May 375….Emmelia of Caesarea.

Emmelia (or Emilia) of Caesarea
Patronage Mothers

Why is St Basil Cathedral so colorful?

The exterior of the cathedral was made to look like brickwork. Each era left its trace on the cathedral’s architecture. After a fire in 1595, the churches were decorated with onion domes, which acquired their present-day vivid colors only in the 18th century.