Can condos say no pets in Ontario?

Can condos say no pets in Ontario?

Pets and Ontario’s Residential Tenancy Act According to the Residential Tenancies Act, a landlord cannot include a “no pet” clause in their leasing agreements. The only time this is allowable, is if the condo building rules stipulated no pets.

When can a landlord say no dogs?

When signing a lease… A lease that says “no pets allowed” should never be signed, even if other pets are seen on the property, or if a realtor, manager or landlord says it’s OK. The only words that matter are the ones written in the lease.

What does a condominium Declaration have to do with pets?

A condominium corporation’s declaration sets its framework; it is the equivalent of its constitution. It may also specify other restrictions and obligations on the corporation and unit owners – this is the basis under which declarations contain provisions prohibiting or restricting pets.

Can a corporation ban all pets in a condominium?

The Court found that the corporation was not authorized to make a blanket rule banning all pets because it was not a “reasonable” rule and the rule was therefore not enforceable.

Do you have to have a pet in a condo?

The condo pet rules apply to condo residents equally, whether you are an owner or you are a tenant. Here is a sample Pet Clause from a condo corporation in their rules and regulations.

Are there any rules in the condominium declaration?

Pet restrictions and smoking restrictions can be found in rules (not in by-laws). These restrictions could also be found in the declaration, but they are far easier to adopt in the context of a rule. Rules must also be reasonable and must be consistent with the Act, the declaration and the by-laws.

Can a condo limit the ownership of a pet?

While condos are allowed to limit pet ownership, this can only be done through a written rule or regulation. This rule must have been voted in or have been part of the initial condo declaration. Federal law always takes precedence in situations where HOA rules conflict with regulation.

What are the rules for a condo Corporation?

These include the declaration (the foundational document for the corporation that is sometimes likened to the building constitution), the by-laws and the rules. Restrictions on the use of the units, including on the pets that one may be permitted (or not) to keep in a unit, can be found in either the declaration or the rules.

Is it illegal to have a dog in a condo in Ontario?

Pet restrictions do not belong in the by-laws. In Ontario rental buildings, it is illegal under the Residential Tenancies Act to prohibit pets. However, it is legal for condos to do so if the prohibition is in the declaration. If a condo corporation wants to prohibit dogs, certain breeds of dogs or all pets, it should do so in the declaration.

Can a disabled person have a pet in a condo?

Even disabled residents who need service animals are required to adhere to pet size and breed limitations. The only exception is if the person has a prior emotional attachment to a breed that’s not allowed by the association. The issue of pets and handicapped claims is governed by the Federal Fair Housing Amendment Act.