Can you legally force your ex wife to change her last name?

Can you legally force your ex wife to change her last name?

After a divorce, you cannot legally force your ex-wife to change back to her maiden name. She has the right to keep your last name. Though this may be frustrating, understanding why she wants to keep your last name might help you move on from the disagreement.

Can you still call yourself Mrs after divorce?

You can use any title you wish. You might like to be called “Mrs.” even after divorce, or you may prefer “Ms” or “Miss”. If you don’t change your surname, you don’t need to complete any legal documentation to change your title – just start using it.

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When to ask my ex wife to change her last name?

It’s best to consult before your divorce is final. After your divorce is final, although you could petition to modify your divorce decree for a name change, you’re in a weaker negotiating position. You could also suggest that she hyphenate her last name, with your name and her maiden name.

Can a ex wife keep her maiden name after a divorce?

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Why did my ex wife keep my name after divorce?

It’s an issue that most divorced folks talk about especially if the man keeps on complaining that the ex-wife has stuck to the name and has refused to drop it off even after remarrying. Chances are that the two divorcees might not be seeing eye to eye and apart from discussing their kids, if any; communication is minimized across the board.

What happens if my ex husband passes away without a will?

My Ex husband passed away recently without a will and we were married 36 years and have 4 children together, divorced in 2002 and the Quardo’s were never completed due to his attorney not finishing up on anything, My ex did remarry which lasted 6 years and now she wants everything. Do I have any recourse? What is my next step?

What to do if your ex spouse inherits your estate?

In general, in Massachusetts if the ex spouse has been named in the policy but the divorce agreement has freed him of the requirement to maintain the policy his kids might have grounds for litigation. They should contact a good probate attorney in Ohio who would be able to help them out. Good luck, Nancy Naomi Carinci 10 years agoPermalink

Can a married couple use the last name of their husband?

At times, married couples establish so many business relationships using the last name of the husband. Since no one can foresee a future where both of them are separated, it seems logical to support such a decision where the family name establishes businesses.