Do you need a lawyer for an eviction case?

Do you need a lawyer for an eviction case?

Eviction cases are handled more frequently and require less overall time investment. If you know your eviction tenant intends to accuse you of some type of illegal action, such as discrimination, it may be in your best interests to have a lawyer.

Can a landlord attend an eviction court hearing?

At some point in a landlord’s career, it will be time to attend an eviction court hearing. How to prepare for an eviction court hearing is something many landlords are unfamiliar with because they do not think they will ever be in that situation. However, that’s unlikely to be true.

How can a landlord win an eviction case?

The key to winning an eviction case is to convince the judge of the landlord’s version of the facts. To do this, the landlord must bring in the evidence to back everything up.

Do you need a lawyer if you are a tenant?

Some issues, however, are not easily resolved and can seriously threaten your enjoyment of your rental—or worse, your ability to stay in the rental at all. In these situations, getting a lawyer’s help might be the most effective, albeit costly, way to protect your rights. Below is a guide to determining whether you need a tenant lawyer or not.

Do you need an attorney to evict a tenant?

If you are comfortable handling your own eviction case, but want the peace of mind knowing that your paperwork was completed by an eviction attorney, this plan is the perfect fit for you. You’ll also receive a consultation with us for no additional fee.

Who is the best eviction attorney in Los Angeles?

We are a law firm in Los Angeles assisting clients with tenant evictions in Los Angeles. This law office assists landlords only in Los Angeles eviction cases. The Law Office of David Piotrowski will guide you through the Los Angeles eviction process and assist you in removing your tenant.

What do you need to know about the eviction process?

The eviction process typically involves many legal steps with strict requirements for both the landlord and tenant that vary depending on the jurisdiction where the eviction takes place. A landlord needs a valid and specific reason to evict a tenant. Eviction can also be used to remove tenants from commercial rental properties.

What can a lawyer do for a landlord?

Landlord Legal Representation. We can represent landlords throughout the entire range of issues that arise under landlord and tenant law, from drafting and reviewing leases and land contracts to litigation or mediation of landlord tenant disputes.