How can I check every 30 minutes to see if a file has been modified?

How can I check every 30 minutes to see if a file has been modified?

That can only man one thing: the file must have been modified sometime during the past 30 minutes. Therefore, we simply assign the current timestamp (strLatestTimestamp) to the variable strOriginalTimestamp, loop around, pause the script for another 30 minutes, then perform this check again.

How can I find the most recent file on my computer?

Open the last application used to edit the file. If you know you used a certain application to edit a file, open that application and select File > Open > Recent from the menu. The file may appear in the list of recently edited files. Move and rename the file after finding it.

How to format a time in excel in military time?

Entering the h:mm components will result in a time formatted in military time e.g. 2:00 PM is 14:00 in military time. If you enter a time that includes a seconds component e.g. 3:15:40, Excel will automatically format the cell in h:mm:ss.

What does it mean if time is stored without a date?

This means that times stored without a date e.g. 0.50 for 12:00 PM is the equivalent of 0 Jan 1900 12:00 PM. This is important because if you try to take 14 hours from 12 hours (without a date) you’ll get the dreaded ###### display in the cell, because negative dates and times cannot be displayed.

How often do you have to file tax return?

Many people are required to file U.S. tax returns annually, while others choose to file in order to claim credits or other benefits.

When is the last day to file taxes for free?

IRS Free File available until Oct 15. It pays to check your withholding now to get a refund (or owe less) next year. See Tax Payment Options if you couldn’t pay the amount due by the April deadline.

Can a creditor extend the time to file a proof of claim?

(6) On motion filed by a creditor before or after the expiration of the time to file a proof of claim, the court may extend the time by not more than 60 days from the date of the order granting the motion. The motion may be granted if the court finds that:

What kind of documents do I need to apply for temporary protected status?

Any national identity document bearing your photograph and/or fingerprint issued by your country, including documents issued by your country’s Embassy or Consulate in the United States, such as a national ID card or naturalization certificate.