How does a bid work in South Africa?

How does a bid work in South Africa?

All proposals must be costed in South African Rand, inclusive of VAT; The Bid total amount must be stated on quotation and Pricing Schedule; If the bid does not include all the information required or is incomplete, such a bid will be deemed as non-compliant and thus be invalidated;

Can a bid be rejected after the closing date?

Any bid received after the closing date and time, will be rejected; and All costing must remain valid and open for evaluation for a period of at least ninety (90) days from the time of submission. 2.4. Infrastructure

What should be included in a bid document?

The Original Documentshould be as follows: a) Financial proposal; b) Technical proposal; and c) All other relevant information as per evaluation criteria. 2.3.3. Bidders should adhere to the following mandatory requirements:

Is the SLA based on the bid document?

The SLA will be based upon the Successful Bidder’s Technical Bid document. The NHC reserves the right to split the award, or award the tender to more than one Bidder where no Bid satisfies all the requirements or the ToR document. 2.7. Evaluation of Offers

What does part 14 of Sealed Bidding mean?

14.303 Modification or withdrawal of bids. 14.304 Submission, modification, and withdrawal of bids. 14.400 Scope of subpart. 14.401 Receipt and safeguarding of bids. 14.402 Opening of bids. 14.402-1 Unclassified bids. 14.402-2 Classified bids. 14.402-3 Postponement of openings. 14.403 Recording of bids. 14.404 Rejection of bids.

What is prohibited in an invitation to bid?

Unnecessarily restrictive specifications or requirements that might unduly limit the number of bidders are prohibited. The invitation includes all documents (whether attached or incorporated by reference) furnished prospective bidders for the purpose of bidding. (b) Publicizing the invitation for bids.

When do bidders have to submit sealed bids?

Bidders must submit sealed bids to be opened at the time and place stated in the solicitation for the public opening of bids. (d) Evaluation of bids.

What are the methods of bid solicitation in part 14?