How long is a contractor liable for work in Michigan?

How long is a contractor liable for work in Michigan?

six years
In Michigan, the statute of limitations for breach of contract is six years from the date of the breach.

How do I file a complaint against a builder in Michigan?

Your complaint may be submitted to the Department using the appropriate Statement of Complaint form which can be obtained by calling (517) 241-9202. The complaint form may also be downloaded online at

What to do if your house is damaged due to construction?

1) issue legal notice to builder that on account of construction work being carried out by the builder in adjoining property your house has suffered damages . Quantify the loss caused to you and ask builder to carry out repairs within period of 7 days from receipt of notice

What are the laws for exemplary damages in Michigan?

In addition, a number of statutes expressly provide for exemplary damages, such as MCL 600.2911 (libel or slander) and MCL 408.488 (wage violation). Michigan caselaw on exemplary damages can be confusing.

Is it against the law to destroy property in Michigan?

Whether it was intended as a prank, random vandalism or revenge, the destruction of another person’s real or personal property is not tolerated under Michigan law. The severity of the penalty is directly related to the value of the property that was damaged or destroyed.

How does construction work cause damage to neighbors?

This menace is commonly prevalent is almost all the laces where a new construction work is undertaken by demolishing the existing structure/old building causing damages and harassment to the neighbors. The builders will not pay heed to any genuine request made by the neighbors and the police action will also be ineffective in this regard.

Is the damage caused by builders covered by insurance?

Sadly, it’s unlikely. Accidental damage caused by alterations, repairs, maintenance, restoration, dismantling or renovating are not usually covered in your buildings or contents insurance. Before you hire someone to work on your house, do check: They have liability insurance to cover anything that goes wrong.

When is the Statute of limitations for property damage in Michigan?

This rule can be found at Michigan Compiled Laws section 600.5805, which says “the period of limitations is 3 years after the time of the death or injury for all actions to recover damages for the death of a person, or for injury to a person or property.”

Who is liable for damage done by a contractor?

In order to answer –who pays when a contractor damages property—an explanation of “the general rule” is necessary. Because the Contractor is Separate from the Client, the Contractor Can Be Liable for Damage Done You can’t sue yourself for damaging your own property. A company can’t sue itself for damage done to its own property by its employees.

How are builders and workmen damage my property?

A recent case involved one of our customers who had decking installed. The changes affected the house’s damp-proof course, and a couple of years later damp ruined the kitchen units and plaster came off the wall. Unfortunately for them, the contractor had apparently gone bust and disappeared. What if builders damage my property?