How much money has Markiplier donated to SCP?

How much money has Markiplier donated to SCP?

Markiplier has donated $5,000 to the SCP Legal Fund and said: “If you love the SCP Foundation, if you love the SCP games, containment breach, the unity remake, the various other remakes, please consider making a donation to help fight this fight.”

Who is Markiplier and what does he do?

Popular YouTuber Markiplier is calling on his fans to help save the Secure, Contain, Protect (SCP) Foundation – an online creative writing project which several popular video games are based on.

How to promote SCP Containment Breach mod port?

To promote SCP – Containment Breach: Markiplier Mod Port (DISCONTINUED) and grow its popularity ( top mods ), use the embed code provided on your homepage, blog, forums and elsewhere you desire. Or try our widget. No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

Why is SCP funding a lawsuit against the trademark holder?

SCP is funding a lawsuit against the trademark holder “to annul his false trademark and prevent his continued copyright infringement.”

What is the first component of scp-136?

The first component of SCP-136, SCP-136-1, typically manifests as a small, crude clay, wood, metal, or cloth nude doll. The doll’s appearance is usually female, but a small percentage of manifestations have been male. If damaged, the doll will vanish and manifest again in a different form in a one meter radius.

What kind of character is lunky in Markiplier?

Lunky is Mark ‘s original character serving as a crude facsimile of Lixian. He was created by Mark as a joking replacement for Lixian while he was away on vacation, later becoming a more prominent figure and Lixian’s background rival. Lunky appears as a simple stick figure character, comprised of two squares that constitute his head and torso.