Is there a pay cut for HR employees?

Is there a pay cut for HR employees?

There has been some recent scuttlebutt on the topic of salary, compensation and specifically the pay cut, around the HRNasty compound and I thought it would make a good topic for discussion.

When is it appropriate for an employer to cut your pay?

The other time when it’s appropriate to cut an employee’s pay is when there is a substantial job change. You always think about promotions as pay going up. But, sometimes, people are demoted. When a demotion occurs, and the previous salary is considerably above what other people in the new position are making, a pay cut makes sense.

How to calculate the hourly cost of employee benefits?

If the employee works 2,000 hours per year, the hourly cost of their benefits would be $1.50. Multiply the employee’s hourly rate of pay by the worker’s compensation insurance premium rate.

When is a pay cut for an exempt employee is temporary?

When a pay cut for an exempt employee is temporary. It seems strange to say that a temporary cut would be illegal while a permanent one wouldn’t, but one of the requirements for exempt employees is that their pay remains the same, regardless of the number of hours they work.

When is a pay cut acceptable for employees?

When a Pay Cut Is Acceptable. In some situations, employees accept the change, like when everyone in the company or department is getting a pay cut for the benefit of the business. In other case, employees welcome it, like when they want less responsibility. And sometimes, a pay cut is intended to get employees to quit.

Do you get paid overtime when your hours are cut?

When your employer cuts your hours and/or pay, the legal rules depend on whether you are: an hourly (nonexempt) employee who is legally entitled to be paid overtime if you work extra hours, or a salaried (exempt) employee who is paid the same amount each week regardless of how many hours you work.

Can a company cut your hours if you are a nonexempt?

Nonexempt (Hourly) Employees If you are a nonexempt employee, your employer is legally allowed to cut your hours. In this situation, you may be entitled to partial unemployment benefits. (Here again, the rules will depend on the state where you live.)

Can you hire someone to cut your grass for an hourly rate?

If you hire somebody to cut your grass on an hourly rate you can expect several arguments down the road and a source of contention that really just unnecessary for both of you.