Is there anything wrong with my sister having Poa?

Is there anything wrong with my sister having Poa?

On the face of it your sister has done nothing wrong. She’s been given POA, she didn’t technically need to inform you, she’s put carers in place – nothing wrong with any of it. However, she seems to exclude you now of even knowing about things and that must be worrying for you.

Why does my sister have power of attorney?

It may be that your sister feels that she is doing more than her fair share so she may as well do the lot. Also a lot of people think that having POA is all just about having power over someones money (and there probably are people who abuse it) but really POA is about making best decisions for someone who can no longer make their own.

How to deal with my parents power of attorney?

Talk to her for the benefit of yourselves and your dad. Try to stay friends and hope it goes well. Same sad situation. I have the had the forms printed out for ages just not got round to doing it. I suppose I am reluctant because I feel I am taking something from dad like his last bit of independence but I know it has to be done.

Can a parent with dementia get a power of attorney?

If a parent with dementia or Alzheimer’s refuses assistance, a power of attorney is not an option. Even if you manage to coerce them into accepting your assistance, that would be considered undue influence, and a judge may invalidate the power of attorney. Instead, you’ll need to petition the court for guardianship.

Can a PoA affect a parent’s decision making?

Such an arrangement can affect the POA’s decision-making abilities and also puts undue emotional stress on parents. An agent has a legal responsibility to act in the best interests of the person they are representing, even when it comes to making difficult medical and financial decisions.

How to deal with stubborn elderly parents with dementia?

Pay attention to what your loved one is attempting to communicate through stubborn behavior. “While understanding dementia begins with knowing what to expect, it continues with knowing what prompts these behaviors. As soon as you can identify what prompts the behaviors, you will then able to deal with them properly.

What happens when siblings don’t trust Poa?

When the siblings don’t trust the person named as POA, what Anderson often sees happen is constant questioning about their decisions. One or multiple siblings may always appear to be on the agent’s back, challenging each and every choice they make, she says.