What are the qualifications for a post office job?

What are the qualifications for a post office job?

A qualification for postal employment is to be drug-free. This is determined through the use of a urinalysis drug screen. Applicants who qualify on the examination and are in the area of consideration for employment will be scheduled for the drug test.

What are the requirements for a post office custodial position?

Custodial positions require prolonged standing, walking, climbing, bending, reaching and stooping. Employees must lift and carry heavy objects on level surfaces, on ladders and/or stairways. Custodial positions may require the use of hand tools and power cleaning equipment. A qualification for postal employment is to be drug-free.

Where can I find post office job descriptions?

The job description for general delivery and other occupations are included on this site and there are occupational job descriptions, over thirty total, for major postal trades in the 5ht edition of Post Office Jobs. You will also find information on working conditions, employment, training, earnings, and other qualifications.

What are the duties of a post office clerk?

Clerks work indoors sorting and distributing mail. They may be required to work with the public selling stamps and weighing parcels, and are responsible for all money and stamps. May include irregular hours. City Carriers collect and deliver mail in all kinds of weather, and walk and/or drive on their route.

When was the General Post Office first established?

For other uses, see General Post Office (disambiguation). The General Post Office ( GPO) was officially established in England in 1660 by Charles II and it eventually grew to combine the functions of state postal system and telecommunications carrier. Similar General Post Offices were established across the British Empire.

What are the different types of contract post offices?

There are basically two types — a contract postal unit (CPU) and a community post office (CPO) — and then there’s the closely related “village post office” (VPO).

Is there a post office other than the Office of original entry?

A Post Office other than the office of original entry where a publisher is authorized to mail a Periodicals publication. (See additional entry (AE).) A Post Office other than the original mailing office used to mail nonprofit Standard Mail pieces. (See also original mailing office.) (See additional mailing office.)

Why are so many contract post offices closing?

The Postal Service didn’t say why so many contract units had closed, but the reasons aren’t a mystery. It’s difficult for the USPS personnel in the host post office to do proper oversight since they aren’t there on the premises of the CPU It’s sometimes even a problem collecting all the money that’s due to the Postal Service.