What is d Nutrical?

What is d Nutrical?

Powdered calcium, vitamin and mineral supplement for use in foods. Key features: Contains vitamins, minerals and calcium. Supports birds on seed diets that lack in key nutrients. Particularly useful for calcium supplementation in breeding birds and growing chicks.

How to use d Nutrical?

DIRECTIONS: Use twice weekly for maintenance and daily during breeding. INTRODUCING D NUTRICAL: Start with a dose of 5g per kg of feed and gradually increase to 20g over 6 feeds. MAINTENANCE DOSE: Add 20g of D Nutrical per kg (1 oz per 3 lb) of food to boost active calcium levels.

How do you use Soluvite D?

DIRECTIONS: Add 4g to 400mL of water and stir well OR add 1g to 1 cup of food and combine well. Daily use of vitamins in either food or water is recommended to supplement the diet. Soluvite D may be used in all species of birds.

How do you use bird Prime vitamins?

Mix or sprinkle recommended dose over the bird’s favorite greens, vegetables and/or fruit. Do not mix supplement in standard seed mix as most will settle to food dish bottom or the powder may coat the seeds and be removed with empty seed hulls.

What is Opti breed?

Oropharma Opti-Breed is a well-balanced blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, FlorastimulĀ® and L-carnitine. This dietary supplement is administrated for good growth, optimal skeletal formation, good egg shell formation and perfect skin and feather structure.

How do you use Calcivet?

Directions. Water: Add 5mL per 250mL of drinking water. Use as the sole source of water and prepare fresh solution daily (1tsp per cup of drinking water.)

Do pigeons need vitamin D?

A nutritionally balanced diet for your bird can help it remain healthy for life. One such nutrient, vitamin D, is very beneficial for the bird.

Can birds get vitamin D deficiency?

Because the calcium to phosphorus ratio in most seeds is poor (high phosphorus and low calcium), birds on a seed diet become seriously depleted. The effects of a calcium-deficient diet are often compounded by inadequate exposure to unfiltered sunlight in birds housed indoors, resulting in vitamin D3 deficiency as well.

Can we give glucose to parrot?

Other sugar-like energy sources (glucose, dextrose, etc.) can be dangerous for sick birds as they cause “osmotic diarrhea” and worsen the dehydration that the bird is already suffering.

What minerals do birds need?

Your bird also requires several different types of minerals in order to live a long healthy life. These minerals include calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and zinc. More birds die every day from calcium deficiency than virtually any other nutritional issue.

How do you use Opti breed?

You can give your pet 2 level scoops (8 gram) daily per 100 grams of egg food.

  1. During the preparation for breeding and during the breeding period: Add Opti-Breed to the food daily.
  2. Outside of the breeding season: Add Opti-Breed to the food 2 days a week.

How do you OPTI breed a bird?

Directions for use – During preparation for the breeding season (3 to 4 weeks before the first egg has been laid) and during the breeding season (from the hatching): add to the egg feed daily. – Outside the breeding season: add to the egg food twice a week. Store in a cool dry place.