What to do when your neighbor does damage to Your House?

What to do when your neighbor does damage to Your House?

First, you should take the time to document each incident. That means documenting each time you talk to the neighbor to address the problem. It also means documenting each damage incident. It’s not a bad idea to take pictures of the damage.

Is it legal to cut down a neighbor’s tree?

Yes, he does. As long as he cuts only the parts of the tree that goes over to his own side of the fence, he can do so without having to ask for your permission. But there’s a catch. An individual is only allowed to trim a neighbor’s tree up to the property line. He may not enter the neighbor’s property to trim or destroy the tree.

How to handle tree conflicts with your neighbors?

When it comes to neighborhood conflicts, it is best to talk things over to try and settle the matter. Involving lawyers and suing should only be a last resort. Neighborhoods benefit greatly from beautiful and well-maintained trees. But it is the responsibility of the tree owner to keep his tree from becoming a liability for the neighborhood.

Why does my Neighbor keep damaging my fence?

The damage could have been accidental, or they just might not have given it any thought. If the fence is on or near the property line, for example, the neighbor might have assumed that he had the right to use the fence as he or she saw fit.

What to do if your next door neighbor has a problem?

Alexander Ruggie of 911 Restoration in Los Angeles says that if the next-door neighbor has a poor paint job, a wobbly fence, or a caved-in garage, there’s no reason you can’t offer to help fix the problem. “Most people would be surprised how much they can convince people to do when they offer to help do it.”

What to do if your neighbor is threatening You?

If your neighbor is threatening you or has caused you physical harm, you might have grounds for obtaining an order of protection. For this to happen, you must call the police, and they must arrest your neighbor. After the arrest takes place, and if there is a pending criminal case against your neighbor, the court can issue a protection order.

Who are the Bad Neighbors in your neighborhood?

So a bad neighbor is anyone who lives next door (or next floor) and gets on your nerves regularly by doing something that’s not particularly illegal but exceptionally annoying. If it becomes uncomfortable for you to stay at home, chances are good it’s a bad neighbor to blame.

Is it legal to record your neighbor’s obscenities?

I have a neighbor who yells obscenities at us. Is it legal to records these utterances from my property for use as evidence? How can i stop (game farm hunters )bird hunters from going on my property to retrieve their dogs or wounded birds?