Where did people live before they were famous in St Louis?

Where did people live before they were famous in St Louis?

“Before they were famous” photographs are popular with people nowadays, which made me wonder where many of St. Louis’ most famous captains of industry lived before they moved into their iconic estates. Those pre-celebrity houses are mostly gone, lost to urban renewal or just the natural expansion of downtown in the early 20th century.

When did Luis Monge get executed in Colorado?

Luis Monge was executed in Colorado ‘s gas chamber On June 28, 1963, Monge had murdered his pregnant wife and three of his children at his home in Denver, then turned himself in to police.

Where was the Mallinckrodt house in St Louis?

Mallinckrodt had little to worry about: In 1914, he upgraded quite nicely to a massive new mansion on Westmoreland Place, just north of Forest Park, avoiding the smoke of the city (residents were required to burn higher quality coal on the private street), and also settling into the largest lot in the area, stretching all the way to Lindell.

Where did Carl Busch live in St Louis?

Carl Busch, a son of Adolphus, lived at 1111 Arsenal, a short walk to the brewery, in a solidly middle-class house that is now long gone, replaced by a towering building that flanks the street.

When did marriage contracts start in St Louis?

Marriage contracts started in the earliest years of St. Louis to 1803. Some of the records are indexed and available at City Hall, and other documents may be found in other court records, such as probate files. A marriage register was used from 1804 to 1881, before marriage licenses and applications.

When did the St Louis Cathedral get married?

Collet, Oscar W. Index to the St. Louis Cathedral and Carondelet Church Marriages: and Index to the Marriage Contracts from the Records in the Recorder’s Office of St. Louis County. St. Louis: Missouri Historical Society, 1918.

Where can I find the St.Louis Marriage Index?

Some indexes are available elsewhere, including the St. Louis Marriage Index 1804–1876, published by St. Louis Genealogical Society. Member, Ed Mochel, indexed the City marriages dating from 1877 to 1880. To locate marriages after 1876, it may be necessary to check the City and County records.

When was the first recorded death in St.Louis?

Note: not all deaths were recorded in the pre-1910 period Missouri Death Records and Index, 1834-1910 coverage varies by county; includes digitized images from microfilmed St. Louis death registers, 1834-early 1910 (with some gaps)