Why do I hate my ex husband so much?

Why do I hate my ex husband so much?

The purpose of it is for you to get rid of it. Validate all he did and how he made you feel by writing it down so that you have “evidence.” Tearing it up is symbolizing that you are too strong for it to hurt you forever, that you are choosing to be rid of it, and that you are survivor. 2. Think about his future and your future.

Why does my ex not give me child support?

The person always kind of wonders if the child support check is really going to the kids. 5. The person might feel like the ex isn’t appreciative. So, he/she feels under appreciated. These child support issues go on for men and women in ALL financial situations.

Who is my ex husband’s second ex wife?

I am my ex’s second ex-wife if that says anything. When he was with his first wife they had children together and he had a vasectomy. While we were dating we had a heart to heart and I told him I really wanted to be a mom. He said if we got serious we could definitely adopt.

Is it too old to have kids with your ex husband?

This guy robbed you out of many years of your life, and out of having kids. On a side note, I have no idea how old you are, but a friend of mine had twins at 47, so I hope that gives you hope for the future, if you still want kids. And, you are never too old to adopt.

Why does my ex husband not pay child support?

It could be the single most infuriating and problematic issue a divorced woman has to face: a settlement agreement is reached, and yet she never receives her court-ordered spousal and/or child support. Or maybe her ex-husband makes a few payments, or a few partial payments, and then the checks stop coming altogether.

How can I get my ex husband to pay my support?

A QDRO can help with recovering delinquent support payments. Support arrearages can be ordered to be paid through the non-paying ex’s retirement plan. But, meticulous review by a qualified attorney is essential before drafting a QDRO for recovering past-due support payments.

How to get your ex husband to honor the financial terms of?

In fact, as Attorney Lundy sees it, the collection of delinquent temporary support and/or temporary attorney’s fees are where QDROs can be particularly effective.

Why does a man have to give his ex wife a monthly check?

Because when a man by law is required to give his ex-wife a check every month, many times he feels overwhelming resentment, anger and bitterness. I can say this with authority because I see it everywhere. I see it from men who are struggling financially, all the way to men who have millions.