Can landlord live in basement NYC?

Can landlord live in basement NYC?

Basements and cellars in residential properties of all sizes can NEVER be lawfully rented or occupied unless the conditions meet the minimum requirements for light, air, sanitation and egress, and have received approval by the Department of Buildings (DOB).

What happens if you rent a basement in New York City?

If the rental of a basement in a two-family dwelling would result in changing the status of the building to a multiple dwelling (three-family or more) and would require a new Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Department of Buildings. Please call 311 for more information on compliance.

What are the rules for a basement apartment?

Basement apartments must have multiple means of egress in case one entrance is blocked by fire, for example. “Every sleeping room in a basement apartment must have an egress window or door opening to the outside.

How tall does an apartment have to be in NYC to be legal?

In order for the apartment to be legal, the ceiling heights must be a minimum of seven-and-a-half feet high. This is a change from the previous minimum of eight feet, thanks to the recent revision of the city’s building codes.

Can a two family house in Queens be rented?

Many two family houses in Queens have a C of O that states the first and second floors may be used for one family dwelling purposes, and the basement or cellar may be used for storage or accessory use. In this case, since the basement is not designed for dwelling purposes, it may not be rented.

How to rent a basement apartment in New York City?

If you have specific questions about requirements for renting basement apartments, contact the New York City Department of Buildings or consult the New York City Housing Maintenance Code. For insurance-related questions concerning your property, call us at 877-576-5200 or send us an email.

Do you need Certificate of occupancy for basement apartment?

Building owners of a two-family dwelling who decide to rent a basement apartment need to file for a new certificate of occupancy. The addition of a basement dwelling changes the status from a two-family building to a multiple dwelling (three-family or more).

Can a landlord evict a tenant in New York City?

When it comes to landlord-tenant issues, very few places in the United States, or possibly even the world, are as complicated as housing in New York City. There are lots of rules, regulations and procedures that need to be followed, especially by landlords, to make sure that a unit that they are renting is in full compliance to rent.