Can you keep ashes after cremation?

Can you keep ashes after cremation?

California allows you to dispose of cremated remains by: keeping them at home (the law requires that you sign a permit and agree not to remove the cremated remains from their container; you must also make arrangements to dispose of the ashes at your death)

Can two people’s ashes be mixed together?

Simple: In the case of a companion urn, we generally advise placing each of the two individual’s plastic bags of ashes into the urn side by side. This is the simplest solution when transferring multiple remains into a double urn. Then you can place the newly mixed ashes into the companion urn for permanent storage.

Can you scatter ashes on the moors?

National Parks However, as the North Yorkshire Park says – There is no hard and fast rule. The National Parks: England – Dartmoor, Exmoor, Lake District, New Forest, Northumberland, North York Moors, Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales, the South Downs and the Broads which has equivalent status to a National Park.

What to do with the ashes of a family member?

Timeshare: If the deceased left behind a large family, and you’re having a hard time agreeing what to do with the ashes, you can also timeshare the remains. Divide the ashes equally among the descendants or simply pass the urn along every few years. Cremated remains are portable,…

Can a funeral director put ashes in an urn?

Yes, technically I am an undertaker or a mortician. But doesn’t funeral director have a nicer ring to it? Sure, you can store ashes in an urn or scatter them somewhere special, but nowadays you can also have them crushed into a real diamond, integrated into an underwater coral reef, or blasted into space.

How to dispose of human ashes safely and legally?

How To Dispose of Human Ashes Safely and Legally. When thinking about how to dispose of human ashes, three ways require you to know the laws and regulations. These are: Burying the ashes on personal property; Scattering ashes on land; Performing a sea burial; Burying Human Ashes on Private Property. Some people want to have their loved ones close.

Where are the ashes stored at a funeral home?

Some funeral homes hide them in the basement or the boiler room. Ask the crematory to return the ashes in a plain metal or plastic container—not one stamped temporary container. That’s just a sleazy tactic to get you to purchase a more expensive urn.

How are ashes stored in a cremation urn?

Cremation ashes are usually stored in cremation urns for final disposition. The urns can be simple yet elegant, or aesthetic and artistically designed, depending on your choice. If you are planning to eventually bury the ashes or float them in water, you can opt for a biodegradable cremation urn prepared from sustainable materials.

What to do with ashes after cremation in Arkansas?

Ashes may be stored in a crypt, niche, grave, or container at home. If you wish to scatter ashes, you have many options. Cremation renders ashes harmless, so there is no public health risk involved in scattering ashes. Use common sense and refrain from scattering ashes in places where they would be obvious to others.

Is there a law on scattering ashes in Arizona?

In Arizona, there are no state laws governing where you may keep or scatter ashes. Cremation renders ashes harmless, so there is no public health risk involved. Use common sense and refrain from scattering ashes in places where they would be obvious to others. Scattering ashes on private land.

Where do you bury the ashes of a loved one?

Bury the Ashes at Home: Having a body buried on your own land is a difficult process, since you have to apply for permits, meet health codes, and sometimes even have an inspection done. However, the same regulations don’t apply for cremated remains.