Do you need planning permission for a shed in the UK?

Do you need planning permission for a shed in the UK?

British planning and building regulations class sheds, along with garages and greenhouses, as outbuildings. Fortunately, all outbuildings are categorised as Permitted Developments in the UK, which means you don’t need to apply for planning permission provided you meet set standards. Planning regulations state that:

Can you build a garden shed without a permit?

Before you start your construction project, it is crucial that you research planning provisions and building regulations in your area to determine whether you are able to own a shed without a permit. Outbuildings and garden sheds are considered to be permitted developments.

Do you need permission to change the use of a building?

Whether you are planning a large scale commercial project, submitting an application on behalf of a client or changing the use of a building, our comprehensive guidance about planning and building regulations can help you to remain compliant throughout the projects life-cycle, helping you through to completion on time and in budget.

Do you need planning permission for an outbuilding?

You don’t usually need planning permission for domestic outbuildings, as long as they are used for a domestic purpose related to your house. However, you may require planning permission if any of the following apply (the list is not exhaustive, so if in doubt please check with your local planning authority):

Do you need planning permission for a small shed?

whether planning permission is needed. Most small garden sheds don’t need planning permission. Waltons Guide to Planning Permission for Sheds3 Planning permission is not required for most sheds, but it is your responsibility to check

Can a shed be built on the side of your property?

If these criteria are met, the shed is considered to be a permitted development. When constructing a garden building on designated land, no structures will be allowed on the side of your property without requiring planning permissions.

How much does it cost to get permission for an outbuilding?

A planning application for a garden outbuilding currently costs around £200. Building Regulations consent costs from £200- £300 upwards. Once you’ve submitted your planning application it usually takes 8-10 weeks for a decision to be made.

Can you build a shed in a National Park?

There are a number of extra rules to follow if you plan to build a shed and you live in a National Park, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Broads, a Conservation Area or a World Heritage Site. Your shed cannot take up more than 10m square. If you live in a Listed Building planning permission must be obtained to install a garden shed.