How do I contact Aetna provider relations?

How do I contact Aetna provider relations?

Contact Provider Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact Provider Services at 1-855-772-9076 (TTY: 711), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who handles subrogation for Aetna?

The Rawlings Company
The Rawlings Company is a company used by Aetna Health Insurance to handle matters of subrogation.

Does Aetna still exist?

Aetna Inc. Since November 28, 2018, the company has been a subsidiary of CVS Health.

Can you email Aetna?

Email, call or chat with us. Just log in to your member account to send us an email or chat online. You can also call us at the number on your ID card for personal service.

Do I have to respond to Rawlings company?

Do I need to respond, even if my treatment was not related to an accident? Yes. Confirming that your treatment was not related to an accident is important information for your health plan to know.

Why does Aetna deny my health insurance claim?

Nonetheless, all too often Aetna delays and denies claims by citing seemingly mundane reasons, leaving policyholders with huge medical debts that they have to pay for out-of-pocket. Even if they accept a claim, health insurers such as Aetna are notorious for offering lowball settlements on health insurance claims.

How to find a health insurance plan with Aetna?

Just call 1-833-327-AETNA (2386). Learn about your health plan or find coverage for you and your family. Explore our savings, quality care and wellness solutions to craft the perfect plan for your business. Join our network, and together, we’ll give patients access to the highest quality, safest and most effective health care.

When did the Aetna Life Insurance Company start?

The corporation, named Aetna Life Insurance Company in 1850, followed the American economy and society with life insurance, property insurance, farm mortgages, war bonds, worker’s comp, disability and healthcare coverage–selling insurance that could “protect just about anyone, anywhere, against most anything,” as one ad in the 1970s boasted.

When did Aetna take over Humana insurance company?

And some of the strategies behind Aetna’s $37 billion takeover of Humana invoke themes from the failed 1990s-era HMO empire. Aetna’s 160 years before Bertolini actually started in 1819, when merchants in Hartford, Connecticut, founded the Aetna Fire Insurance Company.