How to answer interview questions for a supervisor?

How to answer interview questions for a supervisor?

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What are the requirements for a supervisor in Washington State?

Adherence to the basic requirements of Washington State law are essential and requisite. [WAC 246-809-134]. The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has a list of requirements that all Licensed Mental Health Professionals must adhere to in order to offer supervisory services to licensed candidates.

What is the declaration of supervision in Washington State?

Each form linked below INCLUDES the “Declaration of Supervision” statement that must be completed and submitted to the Department of Health in Washington State as well as given to each counselor being supervised, in accordance with Washington State regulations.

What do you need to know about being a supervisor?

This isn’t just an ordinary job the company is looking to fill. Becoming a supervisor obviously places you in charge of others at the company or organization and sometimes you can find yourself overseeing some employees who have been working there for a lot longer than you (sometimes for decades longer!).

How many supervisors are needed for a formal meeting?

An individual formal meeting must have an approved supervisor and no more than four supervisees. What are considered substance use disorder related fields?

What do you need to get a Washington State credential?

It’s for people with one or more of the following Washington state credentials. The credential must be active and in good standing. Fifteen quarter or 10 semester hours of education in specific topics from an approved school.

What are the requirements for an internship in Washington State?

All other internships must meet the requirements listed in WAC 246-924-056. Complete an additional 1,500 hours of supervised experience of pre-internship, internship hours in excess of 1,500 hours, and/or post-doctoral supervised experience.

Who is required to supervise a mental health professional?

Mental health services are required to be supervised by a Mental Health Professional (MHP) who has received documented training and competency in clinical supervision approved by the department.